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BodySlide Question - Adding New Sliders - Not Saving?


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Heyo Lover's Lab folks, hoping that a local BodySlide/Outfit Studio guro can help me figure out this problem I have with adding new sliders to an outfit/body.


I am following both the github & Brigand's 231's tutorial on the subject (they are more or less the same), and everything seems to be working. However, once I save the Outfit Studio project and go into BodySlide to apply my presets, the body doesn't appear to use the sliders. Opening Outfit Studio back up confirms that somehow after saving the project and then reopening it, only the clothing, and not the body, responds to the new sliders. Am I missing a step in the tutorial somewhere that's causing this?


Here's two pictures that illustrate the problem. You can see how the the outfit and body respond normally to the sliders in Outfit Studio, but with BodySlide the body doesn't respond to the slider.


The two mods I'm tinkering with are Female Outfit Replacer by Lazman555 on the Nexus and coldsteelj's WeightGain body via his DeviantArt page. I'm not planning to release anything based on this and just keeping it as a custom personal body/outfit setup.


Thanks in advance!

Outfit Studio.png

BodySlider Output.png

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Self update! So, I asked this question before, and forgot about it.


On 10/15/2018 at 9:06 AM, guk said:

I take it that you want to add a new morph from an .OBJ file?

IIRC from my experience with Skyrim's UUNP Bodyslide:


The actual default reference body from Outfit Studio ("CBBE Body" etc) does not accept any new sliders that aren't Zap Sliders. What you need to do is to simply make a duplicate of the reference, and conform this to the CBBE sliders before adding your own custom morphs on top.

This was the answer. You needed to reference in the body with the sliders you want, duplicate it, conform all sliders, then remove the original body. Test it out afterwards in BodySlide to confirm it's working before you start fixing clipping.



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