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No this is not really looking for a mod in-particular, instead, I am looking for a scripter. I have enough time to work around meshes, textures and creation kit, but I haven't the time to script. I know enough to know what I am looking at, but I also have a full time job and need some help with projects I am looking to start. Some information below for a bit more detail in what I am looking for.




Know your way around papyrus and writing JSON.

Possibly Devious Device knowledge if we get into that.

Compiling psc and psx.




Be able to write and deliver in reasonable time. Everyone understands that people have lives, but past a certain point of waiting is unreasonable.




Be able to communicate with me or the team should we take on more people.

Doesn't have to be in voice, can be email, text message IM on platform of choice.

This is mainly so I cann communicate with you to what needs to be done, and so you can get in contact with me if you have questions or have ideas.




Credit will be given when things are completed of course, along with the appropriation of specific works.


If this interests you, please either reply to this, or send me a personal message here and I will reply as soon as I am able.

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