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prohibit the use of clothes from mods


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It's possible for you to achieve this,

You'll need to download Sims 4 Studio from the site of the same name,

It requires a registration but that's free,


One you have this and set the path to your mods folder (if not found already) head to the 'content management' tab,

Here you will see a branch for 'batch fixes' where you'll see an option to disable cc for random and disable for NPC's



Its a wise idea to remove any default replacement mods before running the fixes,

just drag and drop these to your desktop or another folder,


If you disable things like the tongue mod or a breast/body mod, eg Better Body or Sopor Allure etc it will cause you the nightmare of broken townies appearing without faces and similar issues,


Once the task is completed, just pop those back into your folder and you're good to go,

Just be prepared to correct the odd bald or nude townies here and there 

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