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Subsurface Scattering Workaround for SexLab Cum

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Just a small workaround for SexLab's cum effects breaking Subsurface Scattering ENB settings in Skyrim SE.

Screenshots taken using default Sexlab cum textures.


NOTE: As of the latest release of ENB v0368, this mod is no longer needed. Only use it if you're planning to use an older ENB version.


SexLab SE(I've one tested it with v1.63 BETA 4, but it should be compatible with BETA 5 and older versions).

Slavetats SE port and its requirements.


How does it work?

It works by applying cum textures through Slavetats instead of SexLab's cum EffectShaders.
This mod includes a modified version of sslActorCumEffect script that checks for a specific keyword added to SexLab's cum magic effects by this mod's esp, and applies the texture corresponding to it.

The textures use overlay slot 3 by default, you can change that in \textures\actors\character\slavetats\SexlabCum.json, just edit every occurrence of "slot":"3" field to whatever other slot you want.

If you have custom cum replacer textures you'll want to copy them over to \textures\actors\character\slavetats\SexlabCum, and overwrite the files in that folder.

It works on the player character and NPCs. If you feel like the texture got stuck on you or a NPC, you can easily remove it through Slavetats MCM or wait until the character with the stuck texture gets jizzed on again.

From my testing, it works with every SexLab cum related function, so this should be compatible with any mod using such functions.


The Drawback

Racemenu SE(and by extension Slavetats) doesn't support face overlays yet, so you can't actually get jizz on your or a NPC's face. I'll make sure to update this mod whenever Racemenu SE adds support for face overlays.

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    SexLab, Slavetats SE port
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17 hours ago, nanashi50 said:

Is the SlaveTats dependency required? I thought the key mod here is RaceMenu for the overlays.


Seems possible with just RaceMenu since there is an Oldrim mod that does something similar:

https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/6942-monomans-mod-tweaks/ (has collection of tweaks, but it's "Sexlab - Cum Overlays")

That mod does indeed add the textures through Racemenu, I just chose to go with Slavetats because it's easier to do it through their API, and you can remove any applied texture through its mod menu in case they get stuck for whatever reason.

10 hours ago, elzee said:

Hi, ENB for SSE has an update today, and it has fixed bug of disabled subsurface scattering when spells effects applied to character.

I was hoping that enb would get an update soon, but this was sooner than I expected. Boris is doing a stellar job with these updates.


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On 12/23/2018 at 12:50 AM, elzee said:

Hi, ENB for SSE has an update today, and it has fixed bug of disabled subsurface scattering when spells effects applied to character.

it's still happening in my game, i'm using enb, latest 368, is there some option we have to make sure is enabled in the GUI, other than obviously subsurface scattering?

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