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NO Animations! Characters stand idle! Help Please!

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Hello I am new to this sexlab modding, I started 2 days ago and have been trying to fix this ever since. And everytime I try to have sex with a random NPC like a guard it doesn't work. I installed the sex arousal mod and also the sexlab bounty, matchmaker mod , sexlab Romance and the sexlab submit. I am not using mod manager just doing it manually. I am pretty sure its the FNIS problem and I don't know how to fix it, I tried copy pasting all the files in data folder and run the Generator For Users exe file and so far i got 3 warnings. I also have installed the skeleton XPm32 along with the REALISTIC RAGDOLLS but I am confused as to which Force i should be using Medium High or Low? I am also including screenshotS and the log file of my generatorforuser.exe file. Please Help! HERE ARE MY PAPYRUS LOGS AND SEXLAB LOGS: Papyrus.0.log   SexLabDebug.0.log  RNPC_MentalModel.0.log




FNIS Behavior V7.4.5   2018-12-18 4:28:15 PM
Skyrim 32bit: - D:\Program Files(x68)\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Skyrim\ (Steam)

Skeleton(hkx) female: CHSBHC (107 bones)   male: CHSBHC (107 bones)
Patch: "GENDER Specific Animations" 
Patch: "SKELETON Arm Fix" 

Reading FNISBase V7.4.5 ...
Reading FNISCreatureVersion V6.1 ...
Reading FNISSpells V5.0.1  ( 0 furniture, 0 offset, 9 paired, 0 kill, 0 chair, 0 alternate animations) ...
>>Warning: AnimationList found in  "Animations\SexLab", but no corresponding Behavior file. Incomplete mod IGNORED.<<
Reading SexLabAroused V?.? ...
>>Warning: AnimationList found in  "Animations\SexLabCreature", but no corresponding Behavior file. Incomplete mod IGNORED.<<

All Anim Lists scanned. Generating Behavior Files...
 17 GENDER modifications for Animations\male
 17 GENDER modifications for Animations\female
Alternate Animation mods: 0 sets: 0 total groups: 0 added file slots: 0 alternate files: 0

Create Creature Behaviors ...
>>Warning: AnimationList found in  "Animations\SexLabCreature", but no corresponding Behavior file. Incomplete mod IGNORED. (bear)<<

 99 animations for 4 mods successfully included (character).
 3 Warning(s).






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First you may need to install the creature behaviors. The file is on the FNIS download page.

Second, disable "Gender specific animation" unless you really need it.

For the skeleton I recommend XPMSE, but here you decide which one you want.


Try also to reinstall SexLab, looks like its behavior file is not found.

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