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[Solved] Oldrim animation not working in SE

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Hi all,


I recently started moving towards SE from LE. There is a khajiit movement animation mod I like to use, with FNIS PCEA2. Basically the character runs on all-four while sneaking. and has a cool sneak idle too.


Anyway, this anim not working anymore, the character goes to T-pose (yes, I ran FNIS) when activating it in FNIS PCEA MCM, so I'm assuming it has to be converted somehow to SE?


Here are the anims in queston. Some of them might be alrady converted in DDI. My set uses a crawling on all-fours animation when I use any other direction than forward or if overencumbered. I know that some cases DD can do those animations as well.




If somebody could check these it would be awesome. I'd especially need sneakmtidle.HKX and sneakrun_forward.hkx to work in SE.




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