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Hi, im a Skyrim player and iv been playing the game off of a flash drive. The other day, i ejected that flash drive while MO was still running. Today i tried to load MO and it presented me with this: "it appears the plugin "" failed to load last startup and caused MO to crash. Do you want to disable it? (Please note: If this is the first time you see this message for this plugin you may want to give it another try. The plugin may be able to recover from the problem)". So now i cant load it or play Skyrim. Thank you to anyone reading this and anyone willing to lend a hand.

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If you used mod organisers in built back up for load order and mod list, it might be worth re-loading both of them as see if that works.


If that does not work then you may need to re-install mod organiser, at the worst you might need to re-install both game and mo.


Though if you check in the directory where you installed mo, there should be a profiles directory, with separate directories for each profile you have from those you can copy the loadorder.txt which will be the current load order for esp used in game, there may or may not also be backups of that named something like this loadorder.txt.2018_10_29_22_41_43, the first three sets of numbers are the year, month and date, last three are time.


It may be worth deleting the current loadorder.txt and renaming the last backup mo made and see if that sorts things out.


There is also another file called modlist.txt which is the list of mods you have installed, and you might do the same to that as I suggested to the loadorder.txt file.


By the way how well does it work running the game off a flash drive?

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