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SL installation does nothing + outdated sexlabutil.dll

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Not sure what's going on.


Everything was going perfectly fine yesterday, stacked up like 80 mods with no serious issues and suddenly today I do one or two things and the game nukes itself.


I've tore down everything I can think of, and I definitely have fewer mods up and running than and Sexlab simply won't work. I can even start a completely new save, click install SL. I exit MCM and I will get all the ingame messages that tell me this and that got installed, finally telling me SL is completely installed. I can go back to MCM and check, but the SL MCM menu will remain completely unchanged. It only lets me install again. I can save and quit, then come back. Now I'll get a message saying sexlabutil.dll is outdated or missing, and SL was incorrectly installed.


That's nuts!

I can start a new game and basically the same thing happens.


I have NO idea what I did. The game hasn't changed a bit. I've just went and started a vanilla profile in MO2 and installed 6 mods that are just the basic ones, such as SKYUI and requirements for Slab. The same issue happens.


I've been on SL 163 BETA 4. I know BETA 5 just came out but I don't understand how things were running PERFECTLY fine in beta 4 until tonight.


(FNIS still seems to be generating for my non-vanilla profile though, but I don't know if that's an issue.)

Wtf is going on





Can someone let me know if I'm SUPPOSED to see all the names in BETA 5 with " $SSL" at the beginning. Can someone tell me if THAT is normal?

Thank god at least most of it works...? I think?

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