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Compiling "Sexy" Magic Cards


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Hey everyone! How's it hangin'?


So long story short, my PC broke and I'm out of the modding (and gaming) scene for a while. It'll be at least a few months before I'll be back in the gaming scene. Until then, I'd like to keep my mind occupied during my down time. As a writer and casual Magic the Gathering (MTG) player, I was thinking about doing a small project until I get my hands on gaming hardware again.


I want to write an in depth guide to MTG's "sexy" and/or "naughty" cards. I've been hunting for foils, and I've been wanting to bolster my collection of cutesy shinies. I've noticed a few threads here and there regarding the topic, but I don't think there's a single place to see a well organized list of every card that fits the bill. I'm down for male and female "sexy" cards, but there isn't much emphasis on the former on the web. I think that it would nice to have sort of an "end all" place to go regarding the topic. Maybe in addition to official "sexy" cards, there could be a repository for "unofficial" sexy cards, say alters and customs for sale.


I plan on writing the guide on Google Drive, so that I can easily update it live anywhere, anytime. Plus, it'll be easy to upload anywhere as a PDF. I think that it would be a lot of fun making a rating system, and writing short reviews and whatnot. Sure, it sounds ridiculous. But I really need to keep my mind occupied and my fingers typing.


So with all of that mind, I ask. . .

1) What do you think of this idea?

2) Do you have any candidates in mind for "sexy" cards?

3) How should cards be rated for "sexiness"?


Back in my high-school years, students had to comply with the rule of "three B's". That is, no breasts, buttocks, or bellies could be seen at school. It was considered part of our dress code. Perhaps Magic cards could be rated on a "Three B" scale, which could (sorta) apply to both genders.


I was thinking about calling the guide Gathering the Menagerie, as the acronym "GTM" is the reverse to "MTG". See what I did there?

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11 hours ago, Jexsam said:

Ah yes, I've seen a handful of these cards mentioned here and there. There are a few of those I uncovered during my "shiny expedition", like Jade Mage and the Sylvan Caryatid. However, I definitely haven't seen a few of the cards you've listed. Thanks for the heads up! I'll have to add those to the list.


I was thinking about going through MTG's set one by one, and picking out each card with a humanoid subject. While it is easy to search "elf or "human" on MTG Gatherer, not all attractive cards are creatures (such as Treasured Find). Sometimes you can really find some hidden gems if you look hard enough (like Standard Bearer from Apocalypse).


Since everyone's idea of "sexy" differs, I figure that it'll be important to be as objective as possible when rating cards. As I mentioned in my opening post, I was considering the "three "" system, which has been working out so far. A five star in any category indicates nudity (or the closest one can get to nudity with an official card). With star ratings done (the objective part of the review), then I figure that I can throw in a few comments that might be a little more opinionated.

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