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Anyone played Rigmor of Cyrodil yet ??


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Superb Dlc . Rigmor series best Dlc mods I have ever played .

I played on legendary only got 1 CTD in the big battle but was very smooth alway through.

I hear this mod looks better on SSE . So I'm about move over to see as alot mods been imported to that I depend on.

Big update on way for ROC added content after fixes made .

Can't wait for that and Rigmor of tamriel .

To me this series will be fitting end for dragonborn story before elders 6 when we prob be a new character .

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yes they all work together, only for bruma i think there is patch for beyond bruma and Rigmor of Cyrodil, as for Rigmor of bruma it is best to start that first finish it and then start Rigmor of Cyrodil. that way the storyline will make more sense but you can still play Rigmor of Cyrodil even if you never played Rigmor of Bruma before. I have to admit my game never ran this perfect before, i got 0 crashes from start to finish with this mod With Rigmor of Bruma i got several crashes due to it being it skyrim Cyrodil part is different worldspace.

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On 12/19/2018 at 9:21 AM, axz2 said:

Did you play Rigmor of Bruma before Rigmor of Cyrodil?   Did you also use Beyond Skyrim Bruma?  If you used at least two of those three did they work ok together?

I couldn't get BS Bruma to work, but I have played through RoB and RoC a few times now. you can play them in any order, but it makes more sense to start with RoB based on the storyline.

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