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For my first post, I give you MIDNA!


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1 hour ago, daedal said:

that kinda defeats the purpose of showing us though doesnt it

Aww x.x I just wanted to show someone what I was working on. I was pretty proud of it cuz I dont really mod. No matter what I do I can't release it though cuz the assets arent mine and the race I used as a blank slate for her isn't mine. Oh well x.x 

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On 12/11/2018 at 1:16 PM, daedal said:

i recommend starting a blog to show your personal creations :D i'd totally follow it

theres a blog feature here on loverslab. i think your midna looks pretty great even if its not my taste

Daedal, I love ya. You have posted my exact thoughts so many times I grew complacent and thought I wouldn't need to respond cause Daedal is already on it. In this case I respectfully disagree. I get where you are coming from...I have seen so many posts that I thought "OOOOH, this looks like a cool mod!" only to find it was not a mod at all. It's frustrating, and can take visibility away from other mods. But this wasn't posted in the download section...it is in the Skyrim SE forum. I can think of a few mods in LE, Apropos and SL Cumshot come to mind, that started as a bare bones mod or even a proof of concept such as this post. In both of those cases the community came together and either expressed enthusiasm for the project, or in Apropos case gave a plethora of suggestions on how to make it better. In fact, the original poster for Apropos gave a bare bones mod that grew into a very popular mod thanks to another modder taking the project to another level.  Playing as Midna...personally not interested. But my, or your opinion shouldn't prevent modders from sharing their work and letting the community decide. 

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