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  1. Show Your Skyrim Counterpart III

    Best I can do without an ENB. Hopefully once I upgrade my PC these characters will look even better. ^^
  2. Anyone know where I can find the body tattoos, the nice swirly patterns? Also as a bonus if anyone can direct me to the bits and pieces he used to combine with the Forsworn armor that'd be awesome.
  3. Show Your Skyrim Counterpart III

    Sorry for the lazy screen shot. Skyrims been uncooperative today. My newest Imperial Character.
  4. SexLab Solutions 5.0.7 (01-December-2017)

    Hey, if I wanted to edit the dialog that comes with this mod is it possible to do so and how would I do that? Not share it or anything, just for personal use.
  5. Show Your Skyrim Counterpart III

    A very battered character I made. Despite the lewd and fun things I made this character for, the end result can't help but leave me feeling slightly bad for her.
  6. Specifically the stockings. I know the bikini is Huntress armor, and the hood is fur hoods. But what are those stockings and tattoos from?
  7. Girls of LoversLab

    Hi. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  8. Wolfclub [20171120 Alpha]

    Whoa this mod is back. I remember years ago when I first tried this out, had a few issues but I liked the idea. I thought it was abandoned for good, nice to see its being updated again.
  9. Show Your Skyrim Counterpart III

    Not much of a screen archery person but that's my character. A Dibella Priestess.
  10. Thanks for the replies everyone. @Gameplayer Your method actually fixed every issue I had. After hours of browsing Nexus and ENB forums that was the first actual solution I found. Kudos to you, that really deserved to stickied somewhere. ^^
  11. I'll start by throwing out my specs: GPU: Raedon RX 480 8gb CPU: FX 8350 4.0ghz 16gb RAM 1920x1080 I've seen people with worse and similar set ups pull off some amazing modded skyrims with ENBs. However when I throw on an ENB my FPS is always dropped to the 30s. Even with just plain base vanilla Skyrim my FPS just tanks. And yes I have used Enbseries and Enblocal to make sure my FPS is not being capped. Is there something i'm missing or just not getting here?
  12. Demon Mod Adoption Notice.

    May I ask how you made that succubus character? By far the best I have ever seen.
  13. Lich Evilynn

    Whoa. A Lich Mistress who will enslave me if I don't join her? It's like you pulled this mod from my imagination.
  14. Shout Like a Virgin

    Wow, seems like a pretty big mod. Interested in checking it out, how exactly does it work? You start it by shouting and overtime and while running around you encounter all these events and what not?