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Strange Noises


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Hey there its me - back with another strange Problem... -_-


This time its maybe my pc that has problems.. argh i didn't even know how to describe my problem xD


every times when i hit ingame the ESC button and i'm in Pause menu my Pc gives a strange peeping noise.. it sounds a bit scratchy-peepy.. i dont know how to describe it in English. 


If i hit the tab-button to "pause" the game anything is silent. Even in Spell-Menu, Perk-Menu and inventory - anything is silent. 

MCM, Options and anything reached over the esc button is loud xD.. i dont think the problem is mod related - i uninstalled all of them and the problem is still there - i dont know if the problem there from first day on... i just noticed it just today o.o


Google tells me it could be the SSD-Drive whats giving sound under pressure. But i never noticed it bevor - even not while installing/uninstalling games what should deal far more pressure to the SSD-Drive than pause skyrim so im not sure if the SSD really the problem (and can be ignored because its totally normal so far i believe google..^^) export my Skyrim to an HDD drive and start the game from there did not solve the "problem".


and its not a fan-problem, i checked the fans there all totally fine down there where the noise comes from are only the ssd and my power-supply-thing - how ever its named in english xD


has someone an opinion or noticed the same 'problem'? .. i dont even know if its a problem or just normal.. my last pc was so loud that i never whould notice anything like that xD


//edit: Okay i think its solved.. i think it was not the  SSD but my graphic-card. the thing what ive changed where activation Vsync to remove the flying clutter bug. Solved my noise-problem too.^^ 


i dont delete this post, maybe someone have the same issue and need the clue to fix it.^^

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