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CBC614E8-6F01-49BC-A65A-BDB87627AA78.jpeg.8a4052c6be7026db709d8a598c1e16d3.jpeg069603DA-363E-4A52-9BDE-5E59DEB6F932.jpeg.b049a0bc80a80754af6ffb31aa75ae52.jpeg5FC7D9B8-5FD3-4473-8A03-F751B47EDA83.jpeg.61bde2766785623ab22b5fb490602393.jpeg881AE389-3149-4DA5-80BB-F6C16B33BA9B.jpeg.23266654bd182aa39c8816ef154e55a0.jpegHi ya guys

I’m an old Grumpy! Love gaming but to be honest I struggle getting mods to work let alone try to alter or make one!

Given half the time I forget what I’m doing even when I’m doing it!!

Any one cleaver out there could they possibly make this for me as a follower or Char!!

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There are a few "Emma Watson" presets out there.

I think this one 


is the one, who comes closest.



And for the armor...

How about taking this one



Maybe give her a cloak,

´cause just for the hell of it!



And don´t forget the amulet



And to get her loaded with weapons,

you need




A little bling bling here





The other picture is yet to simple.

Just pick your lingerie of choice from nexusmods.

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