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A few months ago we talked about making Lisbeth journal update

in her anvil house depending on the player interaction at the camp site.


Bit bored so tried to see how hard it was to do, after a bit of fuss reading the obse on containor iterators its quite simple, done it on vtoy 216, txt file of what to do to impliment this below (I could post the esp but its not a lot of use if you have divereged from 216 other then to test it.


To test use a save at the camp sit hide by rock and do the two paths checking the vtoyquest.firstsex var gets set correctly. then rather than do a very long play through use a save in anvil just after returning from the hunt and console set vtoyquest.firstsex to 0,1,2 and 3 in turn and check the jounal in the chest is the correct one (or none at all, though think only values of 1 or 2 can be had here normaly but best to check the unlikly as well).


If you want the esp with the changes ask and I will post it.

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Ok we already somehow have two diaries in the esp with the two texts. Only thing is, we need to remove/edit the reference to Michelle as H&L can't have seen her as they would have left the camp by then.


If you want to review the texts, I'll update the two diaries then put them disabled in Lisbeth's trunk in her house.



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I think the texts it the attachment on the threed are ok now, they have some fixes that the origonal won't, read them a few times in game with my esp script removing the duplicate from the trunk.


If you can do it with less scripting great. It was fun doing it though trying to find which functions where accepted on a obse container iter ref (i.e. don't lose the script you never know when it mught come in usefull)


Doh''' almost out the door for sunday shoping and the penny deopped.


Yes There are two dirays for liz in the trunk now

but one is Jexams first it covers a time period before Han & Liz go to buruma,, this should be left in the trunk. The 2nd one Lisbeths Journal of the Hunter is the one to be duplicated and only one made visible for the player depending on the stool scene at camp being with Han or Liz. I could not find a single var to tell between Han & Liz hence I added a var. yes removing the "right" diray when the cut scene is run would be tidy but I could not get that to work. (may be doing it in the Cut sceen script will make it possible)

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If you approach Augusta and say "I suppose I can spare a few coins..." before talking through all of Claudia's options, the chapter ends but you don't really get the explanation for why all the money is needed. Perhaps this topic should be contingent on having Claudia having told her bit already. Either that or Augusta might have more to say about it if you haven't already heard it from Claudia.


The transition from CH1 to CH2 is better than it used to be, but still kind of sharp. The quest tells you what you need to do next, but nothing in the dialogue really prepares you for this development. Claudia tells you that maids have to be hired, equipment bought and salaries advanced, but no one tells you it is your job to hire more staff. Obviously this isn't a bug, but it is a rough edge which can probably be fixed pretty easily. Augusta should get a new topic and explain what the quest update tells you

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