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Black Ops 2


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Unless I see something truly ground-breaking or interesting I doubt that I'll be picking up Blops 2. I have given up on CoD at Modern Warfare 2 (but played a bit of Blops 1 because a relative of mine thought that I really wanted it).


Some may call me a hypocrite since I picked up Halo 4, and that can be argued to not be that ground-breaking from reach. But to put it simply, I enjoy games from the Halo franchise much more than CoD. With that said, my main FPS will still be Planetside 2 :)

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Guest Lady Luck

call of duty black ops 2 is another modern warfare sequel not Black ops Sequel its confusing on why , if you play through first one it's actually World At war Sequel , why in the load of bullshit order is that , u wanna know how i found it out , by the characters the main character isn't the first black ops series, remember how call of duty 4 isn't modern warfare and it's supposed to be Call of duty 4 ... man its like street fighter all over again , not to mentioned they ended vietnam war pretty quick i don't know the real direction on BO series at least it's not BS considering MW 3 is piece of crap waste money to buy, about hitman absolution thank god it's not movie based crap , it's sequel to blood and money, Assasin creed worth to get :P but i'm afraid i cant handle the game on it's requirement too high :(.

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