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Please report here issues regarding cut scenes.



> Cutscene with Yulia and the Pillories

Corrupted Bunny randomly rotate on Z or X axis. No reason. I tried to redo the animation, change OBSE version, re-force position, move objects no success...


It fixes itself as soon as she's "exorcised". To this point, I'll leave it like that as I spent hours trying to fix it without success...




> GVTPoolICCS10 part2

Sometimes, the rotation on Z axis of actors is random. No clue why as it is exactly the same method I use with every other cut scenes. Some textures are missing on the garter/belly belt of some actors. They appear fine in nifskope. It could be a memory issue, dunno.







> CS2 in L&H house, when Lidya Michelle and Bunny talk about hosting a housewarming party. Samantha was sometimes sitting behind her chair. The culprit was apparently a pickidle...


Fixed now


> CS3 When Falanu talked to the merchant to purchase various tools, for absolutely no reason, the merchant stood in the iar... Add a package to force him to stay at editor loc.


Fixed now.

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Done some changes to GVTICCS10ScriptPart2


1. Change Ena's on Letha, Actor04, she now plays OK to end of CS

Prob need to move the GVTICCS10AwayMarker out of Pool so the behind the scene is not viz, using the disable to hide this seems to bork the pick idle or somthing.



2. remove a pick idle from Emanual Actor09, This does mean she stands dumbly between the change from actors 1,2 and 6,7 "doing" her but it then goes "right" I guess it needs a very quick extra sequence step to do the change over.



The indication of the "fix" from 2. is that the other two place bugs may be the same.


if this is so then it will only leave the idle used by Lindsey on Eman' at the start being wrong ?

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Also removing the time wait in the if for sequence 190, i.e. change it to :-


elseif sequence == 190


removes the emmanual standing still like a lemmon (i.e. we fall through the state and she stands there for a frame and it not noticable).


But is the sequence as you indended then, it looks OK (better then her just standing there)


I carry on looking and see if I can fix joanna,bab's etc at the scene end. I think you will have to deal with Lindsey at the start.

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Right, changing the Pick idels in sequence 180 to


; Actor01.PickIdle

; Actor02.PickIdle



; Actor05.PickIdle



; Actor08.PickIdle

; Actor09.PickIdle



Goes some way to fixing the rest of the end sequecne.

The last stage of Bab's and Joanna still is wrong though (with our

without the idle change for actor's 5 & 8) I suspect its somthing else here, or it needs a bigger hammer, you could check the VtoyTokenDP set in 190 for actors 5 and 8 and see if its somthing to do with that.

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Well I've mucked arround with actor 5 & 8 (Joanna and Babs) and

can' get them OK beyond sequance 190. They are either

standing at the same position or run with misplace/wrong-match action. I can't even get them to carry on with the working animi pre-190 to the end so I think the last two/three problems are on you...



1. what Lindsey does at the start, is to one side of Emmanuelle and then to-far away-behind her

2. Joanna/Babara at the end

3. Letha at the very begining is odd but possibly not wrong (stands off to one side)


Would be nice to fix this as I think, unless you have a bunch of further mods, it will be almost to beta.


When we do get there let me know the bsa ver no's and I'll update the installation guide to match so we can get the doc out at the same time

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Manage to reduce my frustration (I think Beth's Idle system is yurrk and then they implimented it worse) so Joanna and Babs do the same idle now to the end. i.e. we can just "fix" Lindsey at the start and ignore Letha ad it OK.

Of couces you can go on form that and get it all how you original wanted it, I have left Joanna and Babs bits in from stage 180 just commented out.


One Idea is to add ano comment from Jonna at stage 160

"Arrgh just watching.., Babs will you!"

and she does... 160 is where Jonna stands up so it kind of makes sence.

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Michelle's first cutscene seems to try to start twice. After speaking to Claudia the loading screen comes up, loads, exits, loading screen again, loads, exits and plays the cutsceen as it should. Obviously it isn't a serious bug, since everything works right in the end, but it sounds like a minor scripting error which can be fixed easily.


Not long thereafter my game crashed, but it may not have related to this. In fact it probably did not, I only mention it because there is a chance that it did somehow relate to this problem.

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Attached is a newer save game, made by taking the last save before returning to the TSH and returning to the IC, saving just inside the west gate. I just used it to reproduce the problem.


The first load is silent but the music starts just before the second one, so it is almost as if the music is loaded up separately than the cutscene itself.


If you can't reproduce the problem with this save, then it is probably something else in my load order playing tricks, in which case there is no need to worry about it.


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I tried and had a little bing from the usual arrow & bow issue: Tried to fix it by modifying the script and... no success...


Too touchy now, I'll leave like that. We need to tell in the manual that players better not leave arrowas & bow equipped if they experience CTDs... I know how to fix it (it is later) but I fear touching very early function like vtoyfcamera as I use it hundreds of time.



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