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Fixed some quest items staying for no reason, other fixes are indicated in their respective threads.


If you haven't played the Sumuru, don't read the spoiler.


Can someone check Celestia's death scene? I redid the carpets/throne stairs to avoid using overlapping meshes that were causing flickering effects. It's not perfect but for the 1 minute it lasts it's good enough.




Added some new animations and new functions for debug.


Ultimate Engine:




If you want to test it : coc gvtpoolsunday. Do not save, quit the game, it may crash.


You'll notice 2 sets of switches (same effect, redundant for convenience).


First siwtch start 4 quests -> 3 one on one position and one 3some. Each time you push add some more // quests until you have 3 3some and 12 one on one (I think).


Second switch will turn off the engine. It will wait until each animation is finished. So it'll take a while (except if you use debugskip, see below).


While at least one engine/quest is active, you can ask NPC to collect/deposit Ichor from the Goddess, that should change Body types. BT14 & BT5 are randomly chosen when you reach this stage.


Debug switches:


Set vtoyquest.debugpos to XX


Will force the animation for one on one to number XX. This will override the bodytype check thus letting clipping occur.


Set vtoyquest.debug3pos to XX


Will force the animation for 3some to number XX. This will override the bodytype check thus letting clipping occur.


Set to 0 to restore random choice.


Set Vtoyquest.debugskip to X


1-> shorten cooloff time between animations.

2-> will also shorten the animation time. That'll sooner or later make Oblivion CTD.



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New esp 220 (minor changes, moved Soulgems for Sarah's quest from Darkfissure 03 to Darkfissure02, added a quest marker for each of them).


Sarah's quest need to be re-tested!


There's also a new little patch. This is for the Arena. You can play with it if you want, this is completely alpha hardly working part of CLS after quest mode. Coc to USArena, tcl to the balcony and you'll find two buttons. One will start the fight, the other will start a special trap for the fight (not really working now). The fight itself should work but it's static for now: always the same 4 fighters against the same 4 others.


You don't need to test that, it's just if you're bored :P

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