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Mini Lovers position adjust for 3-2 perfect Skeleton


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I am a great fan of Skulltyrant's custom skeleton replacer mod. Among them I really like 3-2 perfect skeleton. However, it seems mini lovers requires some adjustments for 3-2 perfect skeleton. The reason is male character cant put the thing properly.


Please someone who is talented adjust this for everyone.



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You can adjust the position thru the Z or X Key' date=' or the "shift" + Z or X!



Working on a bug fix/update to the Minilovers Alternative mod and one of the planned features is to check the race of each participant and get "custom positioning". Have already noted each sex act will probably need it's own position. Perhaps in the future we can get each race defined to exactly where their orifices and other parts are located so they can all be aligned correctly and not have to turn off collisions and other critical items.

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Right now the animation just rescales everyone to size "1" and then tries to bring them together which really only works with the body types picked by the original author. I was thinking in terms of extending the race definitions for each race to allow the exact positions of the various parts of the body to be defined in terms of their relation to a standard size. Then it's just some math to relate that to the actual defined size of the actor. No more need to resize actors in a vain hope that they'll come close to aligning. Some thought also needs to be given to how weight sliders have moved things.


It's also needed for a lot more than just the orifices because almost every position has the actors touching each other in a lot more ways than just the sex organs and it would be nice if that hand to the partners waist actually was on their waist instead of off in left field.


Probably just dreaming at this point, I'm not sure the animations could be tweaked to accept adjustments.

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