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bizare tamago club + MCS bug and even stranger work around

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occasionally if my character gets knocked up and gives birth MCS spells + extension(fantastic mod ) just will not work on the spawn of my loins.They will do zip, except a nice sickly green glow when i cast it.So that means my kid will almost certainly be killed in the next big fight as she auto follows.MCM spells will still work on other companion, npc however.


Anyway i got really annoyed so i punched a guard and chose go to jail , maybe some serious humiliation in jail courteous of some rapist prisoners supplied by dark blood lines would cheer me up.So after a bit of fun, and a little sleep I went back to where I gave birth and my MCM spells now work on my kid.Tested it twice.Considered that maybe fast travel or sex fixed the bug and try both and they didn't work.


SO if it happens again I just go to jail

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I think i found the cause of this bug, when i open the tomago club option with the spell i cant close it properly and I think this causes problems.I cant close it properly because the whole menu is too big for my screen , so I have to do a strange work around to close it.

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