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overriding Sexout _ Nudes.bsa

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It appears that the textures in Sexout - Nudes.bsa from the SexoutNG Data pack are over-riding any custom skins I try to install, for example; the Beware of Girl Type 3 HiRez replacer.


I've tried a bunch of different stuff but can't seem to figure out how to get the textures I want to override those in the .bsa


Any help appreciated.

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Strange' date=' that's not how .bsa files work. Loose files always override files contained in the .bsa archives, that's why texture replacers work on vanilla resources.



Yea, that's how I thought it worked.


I just tried deleting the sexout archive, and it used the default texture from the vanilla game files.


EDIT: yep, it was an archive invalidation problem, re-activated ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated and that worked.

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