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Claudia's little secret, Gold Edition Public Beta1

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Here are the main files for CLS Gold Beta1(1) & CLS the complete story.





You'll need those 3 big files:






Then you'll have to chose between "The complete story" esp, production level esp with no bugs (let's be clear conflicts and glitches will still appear unless you don't have any other mod).




And the Gold edition part1 esp:




What's the difference?


Gold part1 is the complete story plus two sidequests for now. On top of that, some cutscenes were redone, grammar and tons of other optimizations, decors, textures, meshes better animations...


Do NOT use an old savegame with Gold. Start over with a fresh new preferably female NPC. Create your char BEFORE enabling CLS do NOT use CLS races, they are playable due to the infamous Gamebryo bug.


Manual and Runtime (NEEDED) should be available at the Nexus without the need for a login.









(1)You can also join us on http://claudia.maxforum.org for the Gold Edition alpha version.

I said Alpha, hardcore modders only please!.

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Good time for a first post eh? I have older versions of this and could never get them to work quite right. I'm looking forward to this. I'm always amazed at the complete sense of community found on Loverslab and the modding community in general. I wish we could model the whole world around a similar concept; people working together without any strict need of systemic adherence.


Anyway, you have my admiration and thanks. If this works for me more of me will thank you in quieter ways.

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