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Funerals and realistic mourning

Queen Bee

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You know how when you kill an NPC and everyone freaks out for exactly ten seconds, then goes back to whatever they were doing like nothing happened? Even if it's their own husband/wife/child/sibling they only seem to care for a little while, and then it's business as usual. What if people reacted realistically to death in Skyrim?


What I propose is a mod that alters how NPCs react to both the deaths of NPCs, and the death of their beloved (or hated) dragonborn. Keep in mind, I'm no modder, I have no idea if any of this is possible. But if it is, it would add a nice new dimension to the immersion of everyone's playing experience.


Let's say an NPC dies, whether due to raiders, dragons, or just the PC going on a little killing spree. If they are a named NPC with family, their next of kin would mourn for an extended period. If they run an inn or shop, that business is closed for an in-game week. 24 in-game hours after their death, they hold a funeral for them at their grave. Bring Out Your Dead provides the graves, all that needs to be done is to tell the NPC family where to be after their loved ones die. They stand at their grave, cry while a priest says a few words, and then they go back to their lives. But they shouldn't just be fine after that. They should stay sad for days, perhaps weeks before getting better, and even then there should be changes in their daily routine to reflect their loss (ie, they spend long hours sitting on a park bench, or in the tavern drinking).


And what if the dragonborn themselves die? A grand funeral should be the norm. I'm pretty sure I've seen mods that pick up where PC death leaves off, and I'd love to see how my character's life impacted Skyrim. Was I extremely heroic, a savior of the people? Then I should be honored by those whom I directly saved. Was I a villain or a dark monster that plagued the land? Then I should be reviled, and the townspeople should rejoice in my passing.


Perhaps you could move as a ghost through the proceedings, watching it from outside your body as they lower your coffin, or burn your body to ashes, or whatever. You could walk among the gathered and hear them talk about you. Members of the factions you joined could be present, though I'd imagine the darker or evil factions would be in disguise.


I realize this is probably a huge undertaking, with much of it impossible with the current abilities of the CK, but I thought I'd throw the idea out there anyway and see if anyone was interested. I think it would take immersion to a whole new level and help continue to flesh out the world of Skyrim like no other.


Plus I really like making people cry.

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