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Shadow striping fix Mod Reuploaded


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Hi, if anyone is against this posting of Shadow Striping Fix By Miral that was up on Nexus but now is in permanent hide mode, let me know and I will ask the moderators to take this down.


I still to this day use this mod and since I can't seem to find it elsewhere I thought there might be others wanting to use it. This is the only version that was posted and it was for interiors and some areas of the game haven't been done yet. But overall it has fixed the majority of the games cells.


I take no credit and can give no help for this file, just a link if someone wants it.


Shadow striping Fix Mod

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I was looking for a fix to that shadow weirdness and was amazed not to find one on the nexus.


Kudos' date=' dude.



Actually found 3 different ones on Nexus (do a search for 'Striping' on Nexus). Found this one there, but have not tried it ( http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/9426 ). Has a similar mod name (with Indoor/Outdoor added) although the actual esp has a different name.

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To be honest there are other ones, but I had asked Arthmoor over at nexus about striping fixes and he said this mod was safer than others due to the fact that this mod doesn't delete references and edit "bad" (my term) stuff. And that he himself uses this mod too.


Sorry I don't know who the author was or else I would credit his name of course. And glad there are some who wanted this after all. cheers!


Got the author's name it was Miral

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I had tried the shadow striping fix with dynamic shadows but that was the one that I was told to avoid. I used it for quite some time but found myself not liking all the changes the author did and came back to this one. This one seemed simple in its design and no side effects that I can see. The other ones that are there I haven't tried because I really don't feel like being a beta tester again for a new shadow mod, and I'm waiting patiently for RLWC, as they say their newest deals with striping too, and also RCRN says their anniversary addition will cover striping fixes too.


All in all I'm just a forever noob myself always learning from others when it comes to gaming and modding,but I'll take advice when given too.(almost always lol)

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