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[Outdated] Lovers Rape Attack v.1 BETA

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Version 2 now available.


New Features

Different sex positions for male on male, male on female and female on female rape.


More Positions


Males are raped from behind. Females receive oral. Male on female is still the same.




When the player tries to rape an NPC with higher strength, the player will be raped by the NPC instead if the NPC has a low responsibility.


Different Gender-Specific Dialogue


Raped victims have different responses based on their gender and the rapist gender.


Lovers Diary


Diary will now be updated after a rape.


Rape Button


Press the O button to rape NPCs. No spell casting animation. Simply place NPC in crosshair and press O.


Optional Revenge Version


After raping an NPC, a cleaner might show up for revenge. Will appear soon after the rape.


Plans for Future Update


Besides the other plans described in the original post, I'm going to try to create an animation that triggers before the rape. The player might force the NPC down to the ground. Unfortunately, I have no experience with animation.


I was wondering if I could somehow make the mod compatible with the LoversRapeStruggle mod. I'm not sure how to do that though.


Still trying to create a script that will cause NPCs to become wounded after health falls below 10%, giving player a 100% chance of a successful rape. The NPC would lie on the ground, giving weaker players an alternative way to initiate a rape. I created a script and an activator, but for some reason it doesn't work :(


I'll also try to learn how to give the player an option to choose the rape button.


Note to Modders


Everything I create is open-source. I only ask that you make it clear whether the mod you upload is your version.


End of Update


Lovers Rape Attack v.1 BETA






This mod lets you rape NPCs with a spell, just like with LoversRapeS. It works with both male and female characters. You can rape both male and female NPCs.


Unlike with LoversRapeS, this version is based on your character's strength. If your strength is equal to or greater than the strength of the targeted NPC, you will have a 100% chance of commencing the rape by physically overpowering the NPC. Otherwise, you will enter into combat with the NPC.


If you want to test the mod out on all NPCs, enter the console and add this line:


player.setav strength 100


Raping an NPC might cause a bounty. Also, the NPC will remember that you raped him/her, which you'll see when the rape adds a new dialogue option.



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should Loversrapes be disabled then when trying this?


I don't see why it should be. This should work fine with RaperS activated.




@ELSA, thanks for making this! Making the chance of rape successful based on strength is a great idea! :)

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I have suggestion. Could you make unsuccessful physical overpowering backfiring (not always) at the player resulting in player being abused? Also it would be nice if LoversDiary kept record of abuses subjected into and imposed on.


Those are great ideas! I made some changes and rapes should now be added to the LoversDiary.


Also, the rape could now backfire if the NPC has a low responsibility level.

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