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Succubus overhaul?


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I've seen many different vampire overhaul mods, just wondering if anyone has done a succubus overhaul or is interested.


Yes there are many different succubus skins or player races, but I'm talking about a gameplay overhaul. Or perhaps a collection of mods that works together well.


It would of course be adult in nature.


As an example, lovers magic and lovers aphrodisia fit well with the theme, which includes sexual magic and lust meter that lowers abilities if not satisfied.



-A skill tree for sexual powers?

-Powers of seduction

-Transformation powers, illusions, change appearance spells

-Special animations

-tails, maybe special tail attack/entagle

-wings, flight


-heal companions with a kiss


Does the LL community know of anything like this?

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Breeze and Wrye were working on a Succubi/Seducers mod. Sadly Breeze abandoned the project after a promising (and now unavailable. I wish I had it.) alpha release.


However, Wrye Morph is still available and works very well for transformations. However, it is NOT for newbies and has many dependencies. See Wrye's caveats.

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Guest ThatOne

Special Abilities has a "blow kiss" animation. Probably can be used well in this mod (either for seduction or for the heal allies with a kiss part).

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