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Hi! I'm Simdulgence, and I make custom content for The Sims 4. That mostly includes body parts, clothing, and animations, but there are a few other bits and pieces included.



RealGens Penis
Penis Features & Details


What's Included in the RealGens Penises?

A Wide Range of Hard & Soft Penis Sizes
There are eleven soft and twelve hard sizes, ranging from Micro up to XXL. Penises with a "Plus" or "+" in their name are part of a set of larger penises overall.

Three Testicle Styles
There are three testicle styles. A and B are a higher set of testicles (A is smooth, B is wrinkled). C is a lower-hanging set of testicles with its own texture.

Three Foreskin Styles
There are three foreskin styles. Uncut has a full foreskin, Cut has no foreskin, and Retracted has a foreskin pulled halfway back along the glans.

Sculpted and Defined Buttocks
The butt has been reshaped for a nicer and rounder appearance. It also includes a realistic anus mesh and texture.

Penis Add-Ons


Texture Options
There are two versions of the male RealGens penis: Default, for official Maxis skins, covers the genitals, groin and buttocks; CC, for CC skins, covers only the genitals and anus. The female RealGens penis is designed slightly differently, and has only one texture size.

Each penis set is available in the Default or CC texture. You cannot use both together, so install only ONE!

Color Overlays
The color overlays add more variety to sim penises. Each overlay is available in eight swatches to suit a variety of skintones. Some overlays allow you to choose your favorite style with a specific purple or red glans.

Shade Overlays
The shade overlays help match the penis to CC skins, and are designed to work with the CC version of RealGens. The overlays are available in fifteen swatches and change the darkness of the penis.

RealGens Underlay
The underlay, which adds texture beneath the RealGens penis, is primarily for users of the CC RealGens who want to have the RealGens groin/buttock texture on certain sims.

Skintone Fixes
Several of the game's skintones have slight color issues; the skintone fix edits those tones to make for a more seamless appearance when using the RealGens penis. All skintone fixes are optional. I recommend using the fixes if you have Get to Work because the issue is more noticeable on alien skintones. I strongly recommend using the fixes if you have Island Living, because default sims using mermaid skintones will have a black textureless penis.

There are five skintone fix files. One fix is a merged, all-in-one fix for users who own The Sims 4, Get to Work and Island Living. The other skintone fixes are standalone versions so you can install the ones you want/need.

CAS Nude Defaults
When you remove clothing in CAS, sims appear in underwear by default. The CAS default will replace the underwear so all male sims have a soft RealGens penis in CAS instead.

There are several sizes and styles of CAS default for you to choose from. Install only ONE!

Penis Gender Compatibility


The Sims 4 allows sims to wear almost all clothing regardless of gender. The same is true of the RealGens penis, which is technically a clothing bottom piece. Although sims can wear any penis, there are a couple of things to know about their usage:

- RealGens Penises in CAS are categorized by fashion choice, and match the sim's fashion choice setting (this can be changed via the fashion filter).
- For the best visual appearance, equip your sim with a penis that matches their frame.
- All penises are unlocked in CAS. To access all penis/frame combinations in Live Mode, you will need the optional Gender Unlocks file.


Three of the four gender/frame combos appear to work without problems: Male sims with masc frames, Female sims with fem frames, and female sims with masc frames. Male sims with a fem frame will experience clipping issues with a number of male clothing tops. They don't appear to have any problems when they wear the female penis and a female clothing top.


Male Chest Features & Details



What's included in the RealChests?

3D nipples and belly button
Unique, sculpted chest shapes
Hand-painted textures
Optional nipple color overlays


The chests have been designed to work with the Maxis sim skins, and will work with any skintone that has nipples/belly button in the same place as default game skins.


Male Chest Add-Ons


CAS Nude Default
When you undress a male sim in CAS, they're shirtless. The RealChest CAS Default replaces the default naked male top with the RealChest Smooth top, which adds nipples and a belly button.

Texture Options
Four of the chests have optional, unique textures which enhance their 3D shapes. Each of those chests has two swatches: textureless (for use with any CC skins), and textured (which adds painted detail). Both options are available in-game in the Body Selector menu.

Clothing Overrides
A number of official clothing items show parts of the naked male chest. The overrides replace the default male chest with the RealChest, adding nipples and a belly button for consistency.

Nipple Color Overlays
These optional overlays add a little bit of color to your sim's nipples.

Female Chest Features & Details


There is only one current female RealChest, which simulates the look of a male sim chest by flattening the breasts almost entirely. Because female and male sims have different base textures, the top looks best when the textured version ("Masc") is used for female sims, and the textureless version ("Femme") is used for male sims.

If you use a female penis on a male sim with a feminine frame, I strongly recommend using the "Femme" RealChest to prevent clipping issues.

Currently, this RealChest does not feature a 3D belly button.






Introducing a brand-new condom specifically suited to the RealGens! The Smooth Sensations condom is available in ten swatches: six jewel tones, and four skin tones. The condom is available to purchase directly from the Buy catalog in game. After purchase, add it to any sim's inventory and it will be automatically applied during sex based on your Wicked Whims setting. Yes, one condom will work for any size of RealGens you choose - in the world of the Sims, one size fits all!

Note: Currently the condom cannot be purchased via PC, because there is no way to add custom boxes of condoms to Wicked Whims. The issue has been raised and it may be changed in future.






The Simdulgence strap-on provides an extra way for your female sims to get in on the action! The strap-on is positioned in the same place to allow for compatibility with all existing animations, and comes in all five of the erect RealGens sizes: Small, Medium, Large, XLarge, XXLarge (Wicked Whims default size).


The strap-on can be equipped as a CAS choice of clothing, or selected via the Wicked Whims menu to be used during sex animations. It's currently available in five swatches for female sims with a feminine frame.

Note: The female pelvis doesn't come as far forward as the male, which means the strap-on mesh extends further back than the penis bones. I haven't noticed much distortion during animations, but it might exist in extreme positions.


24-Pack of Condoms





24-Pack of Condoms
Tired of buying condoms one by one from the Build/Buy menu? Now your sims can purchase a whole box of them! The Smooth Sensations condom 24-box is currently available in one swatch and contains 24 assorted condoms. The condoms your Sim receives are randomized with every box, and will draw from the six jewel-tone condom swatches: blue, purple, pink, red, yellow, green.

How to find it: The Smooth Sensations single condom and 24-pack of condoms are now found in the Buy catalogue under Activities & Skills -> Recreation. Or, search for "Simdulgence" in the catalogue search box. The 24-pack costs $60 simoleons.
How to use it: Purchase the box from the Buy catalogue. After purchase, the box can be placed on a surface, dragged to a sim's inventory or clicked on to place in a sim's inventory. Then click and choose "open box" to add 24 condoms to the active sim's inventory.


Condom Dispenser



Randy Rubber Condom Dispenser
For your sim on the go in need of a condom, there's another solution! The Randy Rubber condom dispenser is a functioning dispenser, perfect for public restrooms, adult arcades, sex shops etc. The dispenser is currently available in two swatches, normal and distressed, and sells Smooth Sensations condoms and Wicked Whims condoms at their base catalogue price ($3 and $5 simoleons respectively).

How to find it: The Randy Rubber condom dispenser can be found in the Buy catalogue under Misc Appliances. Or, search for "Simdulgence" in the catalogue search box. The dispenser costs $150 simoleons.

How to use it: Click on the machine with an age-appropriate sim and they will route to the machine to make their purchase. Purchased condoms are immediately added to the sim's inventory.

Notes: The dispenser may fail to work correctly without the Simdulgence Smooth Sensations condoms or WickedWhims condoms installed.


Condom Bowl



Bottomless Condom Bowl
Make sure your sims discover themselves safely at university with the Bottomless Condom Bowl! This bowl dispenses condoms to your sims at no cost, and is an ideal solution for university bathrooms, health clinics or any other location concerned with promoting safe sex. Each dip in the bowl yields a random assortment of 3 Smooth Sensations or Wicked Whims condoms. Available in 1 swatch.

How to find it: The Bottomless Condom Bowl can be found in the Buy catalogue under Activites & Skills -> Recreation. Or, search for "Simdulgence" in the catalogue search box. The dispenser costs $45 simoleons.

How to use it: Click on the bowl with an age-appropriate sim and they will route to the bowl to obtain condoms. Condoms are immediately added to the sim's inventory.

Notes: The bowl may fail to work correctly without the Simdulgence Smooth Sensations condoms or WickedWhims condoms installed.



Body Hair Features & Details



Simdulgence Body Hair is a set of tattoos designed to turn your smooth-skinned male sims into wild, hairy animals - or slightly hairy, depending on your preference.

Each chest/groin hair tattoo comes in twenty color swatches: 18 default swatches offered by Maxis, and two additional swatches (blond with grey and red with grey). Arm, leg, butt and armpit hair tattoos are available in 16 swatches, which match Maxis colors but exclude the salt-and-pepper options.

Each of the five body hair tattoo types occupies a different slot in the tattoo section: Chest/Groin, Armpits, Arms, Legs, and Butt.

The body hair will conflict with any other tattoos which use the same slots. Currently, the body hair will not automatically match a sim's hair color the way beards/facial hair do in CAS.


icon_new.png.6ef950ceadd2d9d9889d906f3a841879.pngCLOTHING icon_new.png.6ef950ceadd2d9d9889d906f3a841879.png

Mesh Briefs





Available for male sims in 15 swatches. Categorized as Sleep, in the Underwear subcategory.

Horned Headband



Available for male sims in two versions, Plain and Fancy. Each contains 10 swatches. Categorized as a Hat.


Striped Jockstrap



Available for male sims in 15 swatches. Categorized as Sleep, in the Underwear subcategory.


Basic Briefs




Available for male sims in 23 swatches. Categorized as Sleep, in the Underwear subcategory.


Basic Boxer Briefs - Short






Available for male sims in 30 swatches. Categorized as Sleep, in the Underwear subcategory.


Basic Boxer Briefs - Long





Available for male sims in 30 swatches. Categorized as Sleep, in the Underwear subcategory.


Festive Boxer Briefs




Available for male sims in 12 swatches. Categorized as Sleep, in the Underwear subcategory.

Festive Lingerie: Bra



Available for female sims in 18 swatches. Categorized as Sleep, in the Brassieres subcategory.

Festive Lingerie: Panties




Available for female sims in 8 swatches. Categorized as Sleep, in the Underwear subcategory.

Festive Lingerie: Garter




Available for female sims in 8 swatches. Categorized as Sleep, in the Accessories -> Leggings subcategory.

Festive Lingerie: Stockings




Available for female sims in 12 swatches. Categorized as Sleep, in the Accessories -> Socks subcategory.


Skimpy Speedo icon_new.png.6ef950ceadd2d9d9889d906f3a841879.png




Available for male sims in 17 swatches (three not included in preview: yellow, pink, gold). Categorized as Swimwear, in the Swimwear subcategory.








Following user requests, tray files for the Simdulgence preview models are now available for download! The sims are grouped into two households by gender. Each model is identified by a picture with their name.


Some sims use content from official packs. Almost every sim use custom content, some by me and some by other creators. The models zip file contains text files that identify which official packs are required as well as which pieces of 3rd-party content are necessary and links to get those. You don't need to download any custom content if you choose not to, but the sims will look different without that content.


Note About Sims: Sims have names and generic underwear in the everyday outfit category. Traits, aspirations, voices, and other outfit categories have been assigned at random by the game.

Installation: After unzipping, add all of the tray files for the sims to your /Tray folder.

Included Simdulgence Custom Content:

- 1 x Eyebrow

- 1 x Male Hairstyle
- 1 x Male Facial Hair (Parenthood Beard edit - Parenthood Pack required!)

- 1 x Under-Eye Circles (freckles slot)

- 1 x Inner Cheek Crease (freckles slot)

- 1 x Lip Color Overlay (mouth crease slot)

- 1 x Rosy Cheeks Overlay (freckles slot, right cheek mole slot - both can be installed!)
- 1 x Unibrow Overlay

Note About Custom Content: Because I never planned to share the custom content I created, it doesn't have swatches beyond what I needed. The hairstyle and eyebrows included have been completed and have all 18 base game swatches, but other content may only have one or two swatches. Some of the content may feel "light", but it's provided as-is for use with the sims.




What's required to use your content?


Body parts, such as RealGens or RealChests, require WickedWhims to appear correctly.

Custom clothing and body hair don't need any external content to function.

These files need to be unzipped before use. 7z files can be unzipped with the free program 7zip.

What's in each zip file?


Simdulgence RealGensPenis: all penis varieties for male sims.
Simdulgence RealGensPenis Female: all penis varieties for female sims.
Simdulgence RealGensPenis AddOns: color overlays, shade overlays, underlay and skintone fixes.
Simdulgence RealChests: all chest varieties for male and female sims, clothing overrides.

Simdulgence Condoms: Smooth Sensations condom and 24-pack box of condoms.
Simdulgence Strap-On: all strap-on varieties.
Simdulgence Body Hair: all body hair options.

Simdulgence Objects: all custom objects.
Simdulgence Clothing: all custom clothing.

Simdulgence Models: tray files for the models, Simdulgence CC created for them, and guides to external CC necessary.

Where can I find the body parts in CAS?


Lower body parts are in the Underwear subcategory. Upper body parts are in the Brassieres/Swimwear categories.

What's the Body Part Hider file?


All body parts are visible in CAS by default. Because there are so many, there's a hider you can install that will make them invisible in CAS.

If you rename your files, make sure the hider file stays named so it comes before the body parts!

What's the Gender Unlocks file?


All penises are available to any sim in CAS. In order to select from all penises in-game, you need to add the Gender Unlocks file.

Can I use the RealGens anus with other penises?


No. It's part of the RealGens mesh and isn't available separately.

Can I ask for a specific body part shape you haven't made?


I'm not currently taking public requests for extra body parts.

The penis is showing up all black/grey/textureless. What's wrong?


The penis was designed for Maxis skins. If you use CC skintones, there's a strong chance they don't have color on the texture map where the penis is, and they won't work. You can ask those creators to edit their skintones, or do it yourself using 2D image editing software.

Are you going to make [fill in the blank]?


If it's listed in my Planned Content section, it's either on my to-do list or being worked on already. If it's not listed, you can always ask me about it in the discussion thread. Although I don't take specific requests, I do welcome feedback.

Known Issues


Suntan Issue:

The suntan/burn system tans/burns any skin not directly covered by clothing. Because RealGens/RealChests are clothing, the game views their textures as clothing texture. The result? When you tan, your sim gets a pale shape on their skin that matches the texture of the body part.


I have done a fair amount of investigation into this, but I don't think a good fix exists. This appears to be happening with other creators' body parts as well, and will probably continue to do so as long as the game sees body parts as clothing with a texture.


If I can fix this somehow, I definitely will!



icon_new.png.6ef950ceadd2d9d9889d906f3a841879.png  CHANGELOG icon_new.png.6ef950ceadd2d9d9889d906f3a841879.png



v1.13  Added Skimpy Speedo for male sims

v1.12  Rewrote main details page to reflect current content/downloads
            Unlocked gender options for RealGens penises
            Added arm, leg, butt and armpit hair tattoo options
            Added RealChest shapes for male/female sims
            Added YF festive lingerie and YM festive boxer briefs
v1.11  Merged zip files for better navigation/downloading
            Added extra XSmall penis variations
            Made all body parts visible in CAS by default (removed non-CAS versions)
            Added YM basic briefs, basic boxer briefs short and basic boxer briefs long
            Added RealGens micro penis sizes

v1.10  Added the RealGens Plus penis set
            Updated Smooth Sensations condom for RealGens Plus support

v1.9    Removed thigh/butt texture issues with RealGens penises

            Added more size options to CAS Default penises
            Added ten swatches to each body hair (eight Maxis match swatches, two custom swatches)
            Added three previously unavailable body hair styles
            Added Bottomless Condom Bowl
            Added Striped Jockstrap for male sims
            Merged several zip files - Models, Objects, Clothing - for streamlined file availability
v1.8    Added mesh briefs and horned headband
            Fixed error stopping strap-on from being picked for sex actions
v1.7    Added female strap-on

v1.6    Added female RealGens penis
            Added RealGens underlay for use with CC version

            Added Simdulgence preview model sims

            Added Simdulgence preview model sim CC
v1.5a  Added Smooth Sensations condom 24-pack
            Added Randy Rubber condom dispenser

v1.5    Added new erect size, XXL, to match default WickedWhims size
            Added two new foreskin styles to ALL erect penises: Uncut/Retracted
            Added anus to all RealGens penises
            Added CAS Default nude bottom options
            Added CC-compatible version of RealGens
            Added shade overlays to match penises to CC skins

            Fixed error causing right cheek skin details to disappear with RealGens

v1.1b  Added two new body hair styles, "The Trapezoid" and "The Works"
            Added custom RealGens compatible condom
v1.1a  Separated penis, color overlays and skintone fixes for easier downloading
            Made a second color overlay option for base game compatibility

            Fixed large soft/hard penises showing up in CAS in hidden versions

v1.1    Fixed penis distortion occuring when weight sliders (specifically thigh) were increased to their limit
            Minor alterations to texture seams for better visual appearance

            Changed CAS visibility options

            Potential bug fix for Body Hair tattoos disappearing after changing clothing categories
v1.0    Launch



icon_new.png.6ef950ceadd2d9d9889d906f3a841879.png  FUTURE CONTENT icon_new.png.6ef950ceadd2d9d9889d906f3a841879.png



Created content releasing in a future update:
- RealGens vagina for female sims

- Female pubic/armpit hair

- New chest, arm, leg & butt hair style ("Wavy")
- XXXL RealGens Plus penis size
- Separated RealGens sizes

Planned content:
- RealGens vagina for male sims

- RealGens Micro/XSmall for female sims

- More Body Hair designs
- Body Hair for female sims
- Custom CAS items







If you like my content and want to support me, consider joining my Patreon for early access and exclusive content!


Questions? Comments? Want to let me know what you think or what you want to see? All feedback welcome.







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