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  1. Please be aware: I had a death in the family this past weekend and I'm not able to work on updates or respond to comments and messages on here at the moment. If you comment and get no response from me, this is why. I'll reply when I'm next able. Thanks to the users who have stepped in to provide help or guidance to others; it's much appreciated.
  2. I've never used Tray Importer, so I can't say right now why it's showing you warnings like that. I've never experienced problems using RealGens in my game, so it should be safe. If you don't feel sure, you can wait to use my mod and I'll take a look at that program soon-ish and see if I can at least understand why it's saying that. Sorry about that! Those bits of code shouldn't be in there, which is a mistake on my part. I've just uploaded a version which should correct that issue. If you're looking to use my strap-on, you can download it and not need any other body parts I've made. Thank you! Awesome picture, by the way 😁 Thank you! Thanks! I'll respond to your comments soon - I don't have the time to address them all right now, but I don't want you to see my replies to other users and think I've ignored yours.
  3. Oops! The female chest got left out of the zip file accidentally. I've re-uploaded it so it should work now. Re: the penis, there is no female micro penis yet. If the penis you're putting on your sim says "[Male, fem frame]" after it in the Body Selector, you can't choose a micro version until I've created it - hopefully soon. That black penis doesn't look like a RealGens penis based on the thumbnail in the catalogue. But the issue is probably a CC skintone that isn't compatible with that penis. Re: the underwear, doesn't look like my underwear in the picture. I don't believe any of the underwear I've made is even set to "default" for CAS. If that pair of underwear is coming up as a default when you don't want it to, you should consider removing it from your game (looks like it could be CC based on the wrench on the thumbnail).
  4. UPDATE TIME! Quite a few things were changed or added today, so here's the details on what's involved: All penis sizes are merged into one RealGens penis package. Going forward, there will be two ways to install RealGens - the all-in-one package with all sizes, or a zip with each size as a separate package. If you don't want to have every penis size in your game, wait to download the zip with individual sizes. Penises are unlocked for all genders/frames. See the main post for more details, but the basics are - the penises are now available for all genders/frames. Most sims look fine, but male sims with feminine frames experience some clipping issues. This is unavoidable as far as I can tell. RealChests shapes available. Five shapes for male sims, one shape for female sims. Arm, armpit, leg, butt hair designs available. The arm, leg and butt hair are all one style. A second style is available on my Patreon and will be available here in a few weeks. I'll potentially make other designs in the future, but probably not for armpits. Added festive lingerie set and boxer briefs. Rewrote the main post to reflect new downloads/setup. At some point I'll make better header/promo images, but what I've got will do for the moment. You can see images of the male chest shapes, body hair designs, and clothing in the main post. I'll also be adding a couple of screenshots.
  5. Are you setting the penis in game via the WW Body Selector? When it's picked in game it should always show up when the sim is naked, including in the shower. If you've picked it in game and still see this, you might need to try the WW command to fix the sim's naked outfit. You should be able to find details about what that command is from the WW thread. Any file of mine that ends with ".7z" is a single zip file. So when you download the penis, for example, it's a single file - "Simdulgence RealGensPenis 1.8.7z" - which would then have to be unzipped like any other zip file. Yeah, looks like something is wrong. I can't really say what or why because it's not an issue I experienced creating RealGens. Also tough because I don't know if this mod that changes the legs also affects the skeleton or not; if it does, that could be having an impact. Thank you! The problem appears to be your CC skintone, which is why it's not working on RealGens (picture 1) or the WW default penis (picture 2). This CC skintone probably doesn't have any color in the place where the penis textures are on the texture map, which is why the penises show up weird. The solution is: 1) Use a non-custom skintone. 2) Ask the creator to edit their skintone to be compatible. 3) Edit the skintone yourself using CMar's Skininator program. Possibly the best solution if you want to keep using this tone, and you're comfortable using Photoshop.
  6. You have to unmerge my file first, if you haven't already read about that on the S4S site. It's an option directly in the S4S menu that you can use. Thank you! From now on my body parts will be visible in CAS by default, so the BodyPartHider file is for anyone who doesn't want to see the body parts in CAS. There are a lot of parts, and they really bloat the CAS catalogue for users who don't want to see them. My files are zipped using 7zip. I'd recommend downloading the 7zip program - it's free - and using that to unzip my files so you can add them to your game. If that doesn't work for some reason, let me know and I'll see if I can help. The penises are available in-game as part of the Wicked Whims body selector system. Clicking on a sim and then choosing that menu lets you customize a size for each different sim that you click on. Hard to give a specific answer, but it looks like an issue with a skintone or skin texture. If you're using CC skin tones or textures, I recommend using the CC-friendly version of RealGens (in the main zip file). Thank you! This isn't actually a problem with the general position, it's an issue that occurs on higher body slider values because I chose to make the penis morph with weight and muscle. This means the penis has a smooth, connected appearance at all body weights but will be aligned differently the higher those sliders go.
  7. Just a minor update: I've added a Body Part Hider file to the download section. This file applies to all of my existing body parts, and will hide them in CAS. If you rename my files after downloading, make sure you keep the hider file named in a way so it comes before the penises. If you don't, it won't work!
  8. Yes, you can use RealGens and other creators' body parts in your game at the same time. Can you provide a screenshot of your discoloration issue?
  9. I hadn't thought about it, to be honest. I currently have a nude default bottom available for CAS. Are you looking for a default male underwear to use instead of them getting naked in CAS when you remove clothing bottoms? Skintones normally refer to the color of a sim's skin. Custom skintones often have problems with body parts because they have blank/black spots in the place where the penis texture is. If you're using CC skin textures (such as overlays) that you're having trouble with, fixing those is a different issue. It depends on what skin you're using and what isn't compatible about it. I can't really say what's going on in this instance, but if that mod adds or alters legs I'm not surprised there's an issue. As for editing meshes for your own personal use - the meshes are definitely in there (or you wouldn't see them in game). I'd recommend reading some tutorials at the S4S website for info about opening packages, viewing the contents, exporting models for Blender, etc. As a warning, there are a lot of meshes involved in RealGens. Be prepared! If you can see penises in the clothing bottom category of CAS, you should be able to see them in the Body Selector. Make sure you're picking a penis for a compatible sim (with the correct gender/frame options to have a penis, for example). If they still aren't showing up, I'd recommend a fresh install of my content or removing all of your mods except RealGens/WW to see if they show up. I don't know of any file incompatibility but can't rule it out. If that still doesn't fix it, feel free to share a screenshot showing your /Mods folder with my content installed and maybe I can help. Yes, I plan to make the micro for female sims. It's not part of the gender update, which deals with the existing penises only. But it will be done, along with adding the Plus/XSmall sizes for female sims.
  10. I don't really understand why you continue to reply in this thread. If you're not using my mod, fine, but it seems pretty pedantic to come in here to police my language because you don't like the way I worded my comment.
  11. If you're looking for the basic male penis, you'll want to download the "Simdulgence RealGensPenis" zip file. There's a folder in there for the different size sets I have - RealGens Penis, Micro, or Plus. Inside the first folder is a file called "simdulgence_cas_ymBtm_RealGensPenis_CAS" which is the original penis set that's in most of my pictures. The zip file for female penises contains the basic penis but for female sims. The only other "required" file is the zip called "Simdulgence Condom", which has the condoms that are specifically compatible with my mods. And that's only if your sims use condoms. Everything else, like clothes or body hair, is just extra content that's optional depending on whether you like it. I think those ones are a little more straightforward, though, and the best way to decide on those is to check the spoiler cuts in my main post for preview pictures and then download the associated files if you want any of my objects/clothes/hair etc. Hope that helps!
  12. Thanks, glad you think the files are simpler. The files with a conflict that I was referring to are these: simdulgence_cas_yfBtm_RealGensPenis_Default_MediumCCut simdulgence_cas_yfBtm_RealGensPenisPlus_Default_LargeCCut There is a RealGens default for CAS, and a RealGensPlus default for CAS, but you can't use both. The game loads one CAS replacement at a time, and it will be whichever one the game reads first (files are read in alpha order, unless in priority folders). So your game is probably showing the RealGens CAS default and ignoring the Plus, which means there's no point in having it in there. Thank you! 1) I've tried making a pubic hair mesh before, but it felt sort of pointless because it didn't stick out that far from the body (it had to be small enough to fit under clothes and still look good). I might re-examine it at some point. 2) A vein overlay is something I have thought about, but haven't had time to come back to look at or decide on for sure. 3) I intend to make some hair for testicles. 4) Piercings are a neat idea, and one I'm sure a lot of people would like, but the difficulty comes in implementing them - whether to make them an accessory, making sure they're not showing up when a sim is clothed, not clogging up CAS with piercings etc. I haven't had time to stop and really examine how I would go about making them work yet. WW's own hair isn't compatible with RealGens because of the way the textures are mapped to the mesh. Don't use their hair designs with RealGens. Unfortunately I don't know any other mod that causes missing faces in CAS when used together with my mods. Sorry! My suggestion is to remove all of your mods except for WW/RealGens, then start adding them back to your /Mods folder in small groups and testing in-game until you find the one that is causing the problem. Possibly, but based on your picture I still think the micro penis size looks a bit too large in comparison. I would probably rather just create a new enlarged clitoris for that kind of body shape, rather than just re-name the micro (if that's what you were suggesting). Thanks for the kind words, and for the feedback. The first paragraph of the main post mentions selecting the penis in the Body Selector, but I can see that perhaps that section could be expanded a little bit. Thank you very much! The game reads files in alpha order, so the RealGens default should show up unless you've a) renamed your files and WW files come first, or b) placed your WW files in a priority folder of some kind. If either of those is the case, just make sure that the default file comes before WW files.
  13. IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT FILE DOWNLOADS: I've merged a whole bunch of files into fewer zips with more straightforward names. I've been meaning to simplify my download list, especially as time goes on and I make more and more stuff. Things to note: ALL MALE PENISES ARE IN ONE ZIP FILE. That includes the base RealGens, the Micro sizes, and the Plus sizes. ALL PENIS ADDONS AND FIXES ARE IN ONE ZIP FILE. That includes the color overlays, shade overlays, groin underlay and skintone fixes. Also, I've had a lot of feedback about CAS visibility and I've decided that by default all body parts will be visible in CAS. This eliminates the need for there to be so many versions of files. I plan to make a CAS hider file at some point for those who want their body parts invisible. If you don't want to be forced to see penises in CAS, DON'T download the penises just yet. The majority of content in the files is still the same, so you DO NOT need to re-download everything. The changes/new content is noted in the master post and includes Micro sizes, XSmall sizes, and a variety of clothing I've made.
  14. Folders aren't necessary but also don't hurt a bit. The more content I make, the longer the list of files in my own /Mods folder gets! There are a few things you don't need, though: 1) You should only have one CAS default bottom - which I don't think I made for female sims anyway? Maybe you meant to write "ym". In any case, if it's working, great, but it's intended for there to only be one CAS replacement. 2) You should only have one of the Micro versions in there. Okay, good to know!
  15. Thanks for the compliments and for the download tip! I've actually changed my zip files, so it might be easier for others to download and pick which files they need now. Hey! I've updated my main zip files so hopefully it's easier now, but for male sims the main file you want is the Simdulgence RealGensPenis zip (and the version marked Female for female sims). Everything else is optional/addons, pretty much. Yeah, I'd like to, I've just been focusing on a few other things. Micro, xsmall additions and Plus are on the list for female sims. Great, glad it all got sorted out! Hmm, does look a bit weird. I know the bulge gets a little distorted at max muscle but I didn't think it looked that strong when I tested it. Is this at the max end of the official muscle slider or are you using any CC to extend the amount of muscle the sim can have? LordValerius was pointing out that you need to make sure you have both the male AND female penises installed to make sure they show up. If you have both gender options in your files but can't see them in-game, a screenshot of your /Mods folder showing which of my files you installed would help.
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