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  1. [Starbound] Globaura Monster Compatibility

    This mod requires my eStyleMonsters mod from the Steam Workshop. Go grab that!
    Or alternatively, check it out on over on Chucklefish's Forums!

    This mod allows you to sexually interact with a Globaura, and requires the latest version of Sexbound in order to function. Currently, this mod supports all positions as of Sexbound 2.9.3.

    To interact with it, you must hit it with a lust-inducing weapon, which will render it susceptible to your sexual advances. Such as...


    You shouldn't be! First thing to check is correct installation.
    Starbound cannot read .ZIP files, you gotta extract the folder inside into the mods folder.  
    Other than that...
    Monsters are still a pretty new addition to Sexbound, and most compatibility issues you might run into are a result of... Outdated Sexbound mods. Something still unaccounted for in Sexbound's base function.  
    That said, if you find out that any up-to-date mods are incompatible with this mod, let me know!




  2. [Starbound] Anime Ahegao Emote

    Ahegao Emote
    For Starbound
    This mod changes the human ":o" emote to be an ahegao. The two version included are as follows:
    Lite Version:
    Human face emote only. Needs some sort of anime-like face mod.
    Note: Cutebound/Make the Universe a Cuter Place puts human eyes too low.
    eStyleFaces Version:

    This one adds ahegao for all four faces included in my eStyleFaces mod.
    Also secretly patches eStyleFaces into Sexbound.



  3. [Starbound] Throwing Heart

    This mod introduces a new weapon called the Throwing Heart, and requires Sexbound in order to function.

    The Throwing Heart can be thrown to induce damage and lust effect, and can also be found in chests. However, this does induce damage equal to the kunai, and should be used with caution in populated areas. Careful throwing it too closely to yourself! It will bounce off of surfaces that are too near to you, and may hurt you if it hits you!
    You can use it on all vanilla NPC's as well as compatible monsters. Such as...




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