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[Sims 4] Kiki's Animations for WickedWhims [7/Feb/2020] 2.11

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Greetings to all who interested in my animations and who just found it!


I create long and looped animations, containing sound or visual effects and props. Also they're focused on romantic and teasing interactions, maledom, light bdsm, semi-forced sex. Basically my animations contain some kind of story that I take from my head or from your suggestions, so if you have an idea for animations that fits into the theme of my works, you can offer it here, it would be very helpful (especially if it'll have a detailed description, hehe).


Also you can support my works on Patreon, so I can spend more time to it! Thank you!




 1. How to use this mod?


   1) Download WickedWhims and my Animation package.

   2) Place "WW_Kiki_Animations.package" to your Mods folder.

   3) Choose the desired location in the game and start the animation.

   PS: for climax animation you'll need to download Cum Mesh by Cherry Pie [Download here])


 2. Do I need to add props (books) to inventory?


   No, they join automatically to animations you play.


 3. Which specific desk/chair should I use?


   Desk - it's a table with one chair slot, this one:


   Animations on the desk can be played without a chair, but I make animations taking into account the presence of a chair, so it's better to have it there.


 4. I can't find the location:


   Toilet Stall - from "Discover University"

   Closet - from "Get Together"




Location: DESK

Props: Homework book (Base Game)



 Help with homework 1 - TEASING - MF/MM



 Help with homework 2 - TEASING - MF/MM



 Help with homework 2v2 - TEASING - MF


 Help with homework - HANDJOB - MF (picture of WIP)



 [HW] Reading on the desk - TEASING - MF



 Checking Homework - TEASING - MF



 Making out on desk - TEASING - MF

 Making out on table (side) - TEASING - MF - Desk, Dining Table Short, Picnic Table



 Making out (Vaginal stage) - VAGINAL - MF  



 Don't be distracted - ORALJOB - MF/MM



 Cunilingus under the desk - ORALJOB - MF



 Try this spell (requires "Realm of Magic") - VAGINAL - ANAL - MF/MM



 Missionary - holding legs - VAGINAL to CLIMAX - MF - Desk, Dining Table



 Bent over the table - VAGINAL - MF



 Reverse Sitting - VAGINAL - MF/MM



 Seated Forward Bend - VAGINAL - MF - Desk, Dining Table





All animations list:



  • Help with homework 1 (MF/MM)  [Desk]  ? 
  • Help with homework 1v1 (MF [Desk]  ?  

  • Help with homework 2 (MF/MM)  [Desk]  ? 
  • Help with homework 2v2 (MF [Desk]  ? 
  • [HW] Teacher Behind (B+M/B+F)  [Desk]  ? 

  • [HW] Reading on the desk (MF)  [Desk]  ? 
  • [HW] Checking Homework (MF)  [Desk]  ??️ 

  • Making out on desk (MF [Desk]  ? 

  • Making out on table (side) (MF)  [Desk, Dining Table Short, Picnic Table] 

  • Watching TV (MFM [Sofa] 
  • Watch TV - ST 1 (MF [Sofa, Loveseat]
  • Kiss (Watch TV - ST 2) (MF [Sofa, Loveseat, Ottoman] 
  • Watch TV - ST 3 (MF [Sofa, Loveseat]
  • Watch TV - ST 4 (MF [Sofa, Loveseat]  -  New 
  • Come sit on my lap (MF)  [Chair, Armchair, Loveseat, Sofa, Ottoman] 
  • X spanking and fingering (MF [Armchair, Loveseat, Sofa, Ottoman] 
  • Spank naughty girl (MF [Loveseat, Sofa, Ottoman, Single bed]  
  • Pet (MF [Chair, Armchair, Loveseat, Sofa, Ottoman] 
  • [VAMP] Sucking blood (B+M/B+F [Chair, Armchair, Loveseat, Sofa, Ottoman] 
  • Passionate Rubbing (MF [Loveseat, Sofa]
  • Sleeping next to each other (B+M/F+B/B+M [Double bed] 
  • Getting closer MFM st.1 (MFM [Double bed, Single bed] 
  • She came at nigth (MF [Double bed] 
  • Waking Her Up (MF [Single bed]
  • Shy Girl 01 (MF [Double bed, Single bed]
  • Shy Girl 02 (MF [Double bed, Single bed, Loveseat, Sofa, Ottoman]
  • Kissing on towel (MF [Floor, Towel]  
  • Closet Kissing (B+M/B+F [Closet]


  • Fingering on bed (MF [Double bed, Single bed]   [Preview]
  • [VAMP] Sucking blood - arm (MF [Chair, Armchair, Loveseat, Sofa, Ottoman]


  • Don't be distracted (MF/MM)  [Desk]  ? 
  • Cunilingus under the desk (MF [Desk] 
  • Toilet Stall Oraljob (MF/MM [Toilet Stall] - short version
  • Toilet Stall Oraljob (half-closed door) (MF/MM [Toilet Stall]   [Previews]
  • Toilet Stall Oraljob (opened door) (MF/MM [Toilet Stall] 


  • [WITCH] Try this spell (WITCH_MF - requires "Realm of Magic")  [Desk, Dining table]  ? 
  • Cowgirl (MF [Lounge Chair]
  • Watch TV - ST 5 (MF [Sofa, Loveseat, Ottoman]  -  New 
  • Lying with a book_00 (MF [Sofa, Loveseat, Ottoman]  ? - short version  -  New 
  • Lying with a book_01 (MF [Sofa, Loveseat, Ottoman]  ?  -  New 
  • Missionary - holding legs (MF [Desk, Dining Table Short/Long]  
  • Bent over the table (MF [Desk, Dining table]  ?
  • Making out (Vaginal stage) (MF [Desk] 
  • Reverse Sitting (MF/MM [Desk] 
  • Seated Forward Bend (MF)  [Desk, Dining Table Short/Long]
  • Missionary with pillow - slow (MF)  [Single Bed, Double Bed]
  • Missionary with pillow (MF)  [Single Bed, Double Bed]
  • Spoon 01 *cheek kiss* (MF)  [Single Bed, Double Bed]


  • [WITCH] Try this spell (WITCH_MF/MM - requires "Realm of Magic") [Desk, Dining table]  ?


  • [WITCH] Caught by the Witch (WITCH_MF - requires "Realm of Magic" [Sofa, Loveseat]   -  New 


  • Cowgirl CLIMAX (MF) [Lounge Chair]
  • CLIMAX Missionary (CumMesh) (MF) [Desk, Dining Table Short/Long]  ? Previous animation: "Missionary - holding legs"
  • [VAMP] Bite from behind (MF) [Double Bed]
  • Missionary with pillow CLIMAX (CumMesh) (MF)  [Single Bed, Double Bed]   ?   -  New 


    * M - male; F - female; B+(M or F) - both genders + prefered gender


Previews (v2.11):


    [WITCH] Caught by the Witch



     Watch TV - 3 st - 4 st



     Watch TV - 5 st  - Vaginal



     Lying with a book



What's New in Version 2.11   See changelog


=========⛓️ UPDATE ⛓️=========
2.11 (7 Feb 2021)


Hey! Pardon, the update was a little delayed as I was sick lately.

Also I want to inform you that names or category of some animations in the description may now slightly differ from them in the game. More details will be in the next update.

Watch preview pics above ?


  • Watch TV - ST 3 - Teasing - transition
  • Watch TV - ST 4 - Teasing
  • Watch TV - ST 5 - Vaginal


  • [WITCH] Caught by the Witch - Well, my first and probably last femdom and footjob animation, ha


  • Lying with a book 00 -  Vaginal
  • Lying with a book 01 -  Vaginal


  • Missionary with pillow CLIMAX (CumMesh) - Climax
  • Toilet Stall Oraljob (shorter ver of existing one) - Oraljob

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Please make more on here. We love all your work and need more and more

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great job on these.  I saw your name so i had to at least try it out.  Kiki's Clam is what i named my strip club 😆.  but i love these animations for the office i have in strip club it fits in perfect.

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