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  1. Thank you for your amazing animations! Have a great holiday ❤️

  2. Oh, I'm very pleased 😊 Btw, now in winter I'd like to come up with some animations with magic. Yeah just a great photo of Peter. It's a pity that the video of their concert in this super sexy lingerie is nowhere to be found
  3. I just loveeee your animations! Smooth and sexy. Please teach some of these others to do it like you.



    1. Kiki Chain

      Kiki Chain

      @IAMParis ❤️ You're welcome!

      Well, I can answer any questions in PM. And if the question is about smoothness or realistic movements, I can advise to study, as they're called, 12 principles of Disney animation. It helps a lot to figure out what is missing in animation :classic_smile:

  4. @Vanecessary, @korbe, @alexbrightest, @BlueGemini, @Praxidike, @Wubbvles Wow guys, thank you very much for your words! ❤️ I'm happy that you found something for yourself here. You can find it here "Open Jeans" What do you mean by "do"?
  5. @ActaFind the wide button View File in the first message here or follow the link, there'll be a green button "Download file" 🙂 Hi, are you trying to open this file not in the game? You just need to put the package file in your Mods folder, you don't need to open it. I reuploaded file, just in case.
  6. Thank you a lot! I definately love your animations. :classic_smile:

    1. Kiki Chain

      Kiki Chain

      Oh I'm very glad, @carlfatal 😊

  7. @JonyPink @Hannigram38 @itsokaywtf Thank you, everyone! Your comments really motivate me This is probably because I used to update it once every half a year 😄 Anyway, welcome here! It is actively preparing 🙂
  8. - v 2.7.0 - Teasing Animations - Checking Homework [Desk] Closet Kissing [Closet] Watch TV stage 1-2 [Sofa, Loveseat] - 3 and 4 stages in process
  9. Thats an interesting idea, thank you! I think I've already seen several similar animations from someone local animator (like your 1st suggestion, for example), but I need to check it out. About (1) - I had an idea to do this with a round table so that you can add more actors. Also I need to think over the context for this. 4 - don't know about this, seems difficult to make 😁 I'll think more about 2 and 3! Thank you! Well, it looks like the toilet stall is only in Discover Univesity game pack
  10. No, nothing. Props are attached to the animation and appear automatically. (Therefore, magic animation will not appear in the list if you don't have the Realm of magic, as it'll not be able to find required books in game) And animations on the desk can work without a chair, but I make animations taking into account the presence of a chair, so it's better to have it there.
  11. Previews v2.6.0 Toilet Stall Oraljob (with opened and half-closed door) [Toilet Stall] - MF/MM Reverse Sitting [Desk] - MF/MM Vaginal Seated Forward Bend [Desk, Dining Table Short/Long] - MF Vaginal Fingering on bed [Double bed, Single bed] - MF
  12. It would be great. You can write to me in pm, it's more likely that I'll receive a notification 😄 Hi, I've posted her hair here earlier, there it is https://www.simsdom.com/downloads/136047/enriques4-mar-hairstyle-sims4 And to be honest, the girl from these gifs was accidentally deleted a long time ago. So this is the second version, I tried to make her again Household_Jannah D_0x00d80bb5c49a2651.zip
  13. Animation package Update (v2.5.0) Making out (Vaginal stage) [Desk] - MF - with smooth transition from "Making out on desk" animation + Auto undress Bottom Clothes Come sit on my lap [Chair, Armchair, Loveseat, Sofa, Ottoman] - MF It wasn't really planned animation, so I don’t know whether to make it longer or not. If you have any ideas how to continue it, feel free to suggest them Cunilingus under the desk [Desk] - MF
  14. Oh nice 😏 I’m glad you enjoyed it! I'd like to make another animation with cum mesh, but haven't yet come up with it
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