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About This File

This mod changes the body type and look of the mannequins to CBBE "Special" with BodySlide. Also should mention that it converts all mannequins to female (maybe i will fix it to randomize).
I done a quick texture blend with a wooden look.

There are Cruvy body types in the meshes folder if one does not wish to build in BodySlide yet.


Fixed a conflict with SexLab mods causing the mannequins to masturbate, download the "MannSLfix" file and allow it to overwrite.

I started this mod for myself because i didnt like the way the mannequins looked and got a hair brain idea to clean it up and upload it, then had a face issue i was asking Bchick3 about (turned out to be a linking issue to a texture) and she suggested to add poses. So i started looking on that and found there were alot of Mannequin mods out there but none with BodySlide :)

This mod does not contain scripts... yet.

Here is a script mod that works for the mannequin poses which i have been using as information because i cannot get permission to use the code sense he has not been active for a few hundred years. VMSF

I used the CBBE "Special" body for the "special" people and for body piercings...

Breast and butt physics have been removed because... well its just not needed, however if one places a bouncy outfit on that glorious wooden stump well then shes ganna start bouncing :)

So the update is going to have poses from Halos Poser and another one, i hope. Im working on permission for it.

This mod uses the ManakinRace therefor other mods that implement mannequins should take on the same body and textures. Might have to load the .esp low in the list.

As with any mod, make a new save or backup your saves before installing.

Thank yous:

Bchick3: for the bit of help and idea :)

Groovtama: for Skeletons..

Caliente & Ousnius: CBBE and BodySlide... need i say more :)

Please check out my other pointless mods:


Wisp Mother Revised: This is just a BodySlide files of Wisp Mother and a few pervy tweaks to the cloth.

Mannequins Revamped: changed the look and the bodys aswell as BodySlide

No Same Race: a separate BodySlide for all races... ..of females

Flame Atronach Revised : just tweaked the ingame files a bit and created a BodySlide for her. Also available here on LoversLab

Ebony Valkyrie Armor Realistic Bounce CBBE add-on: this was a fix and a physics manipulation i had done


What's New in Version AB


Added two clearer and more detailed set of testures as options pick one.


install and overwrite the "MannSLfix" file if you use SexLab mods and dont want your mannequins to start pleasuring them selves :)

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