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  1. well hello ma dear. i am fine. thank you for the kind words but i have been told that things will have to be converted and re-ranged for LE as this is for SE.
  2. whats the differnece from this one to the other one you posted here in LL?
  3. anyone know how to impliment a custom human race to work with SL? the behavior files are basically copied from the humans just in their own race folder structure. "ActorTypeNPC" in race "keywords" didnt help.
  4. ya those are antons wings. those are going to be in the newer version. the Serana patch im talkin bout is the Vampire Lord Serana patch. AAAANNNDDDDDD i just realized i never updated here. i am really sorry. please try the new-est update and let me know. you still have to use the separate file to have 3BBB.
  5. thats going to be the next release, i dont like the main wings either BUTT, i am trying to finish another mod im working on though unfortunately requires me to completely redo the animations which is proving me to not be very good at
  6. what do you mean? your pc should be wearing whatever youre wearing... or the wigs are different. just dawned on me that ive never tested out if a player could wear their wig while in VL form. added to my notes...
  7. is the patch not working? i cant remember if i fixed the "no body" bug in it or not.
  8. never seen that one. i like the wings if theyd animate. not sure if this one works in VR
  9. it was because Comvex has not been online in over 5 years so i never got permission BUT if you sesnd me message i will tell ya how to get it
  10. OMG, never realized that we have to "follow" our own content here sorry all for never responding. thank you for enjoying them. as for working in LE/oldrim i am not sure. i do not have LE to be able to test but MAYBE the BSShaderProperties might need to be tweaked in the nifs. and for skinnier/notsobigboobs
  11. dont know how vortex works but you could open the 1.2 zip file and throw in the updated esp into it then reload maybe?
  12. there already is one, BUT not with my creations. sorry i have not learned that body type enough yet to try and create it. i could see if Bchick would do it.
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