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Cursed Chests 0.0.2

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About This File



I was looking for a vore-like mod since i started playing Skyrim and somehow enjoyed the idea of the Mimics in Dark Souls...

After i found nothing thats similar to it, i tried to make something like this.

The idea is to have cursed chests around, that pull you into them when you are close.




At the moment there is only one type of chest near the sawmill of Riverwood, when you go close enough, you get teleportet to a very small area (which should remind a bit to a stomach). Inside is a Furo-Tub and a small door which is the way out (I tought about locking only the inside door, butm im not sure if the auto-teleport works then...)

And yeah, thats it for the moment


The technical:

The Chest is just an auto-load door, that teleports you into the interior i´ve created, nothing more for the moment...


About the Mod:


I uploaded it, to share the idea, see if it works and maybe get some support, since i have no idea about scripting, animations etc.

Of course the mod is "Work in Progress" at the moment, so it would be great if share the experience with the mod, to help me working on it.


I hope you like the idea and maybe help me creating this mod :)


Feel free to share your ideas in the support-thread


Requirements: ZaZ-Animation Pack


What is planned: (What i can do/ What i don´t have the experience for)

- Different type of Chests with different interioirs

- A vore-animation when entering the Chest

- A script that strips the player and locks him inside

What's New in Version 0.0.2


- Now 3 types of chest

- Can be found on the west Guard-Tower of Whiterun

- One is locked but can be unlocked

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