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  1. looks so yeah, thanks a lot! now lets hope there is a sos-version for it
  2. Hey, looking for the mod used for these custom creatures... can anyone help me? here as link cause image url seem to have problems: https://e-hentai.org/s/9b504401eb/1599821-68
  3. just corious, what are all the bars for or what mods are u using?
  4. nice one what have u used for the environment? it looks epic, i keep looking for something like this
  5. i have the same problem, but the wierd thing is, animations and the scene controller are working anyway
  6. awesome work! would love to see this as useable furniture
  7. this thread is probably pretty old but if u are still interested: Unbreaker: after defeat u are restrained and can continue Lady Pirate Jessica: rpg-style, when restrained, between getting "visited" u have time to find a way out of bondage... or not
  8. You might already get lots of requests, but i recently discovered this one and tought it would be a fun and cool idea... shouldnt be too hard to create aswell i think
  9. ok, small update: I found out i do have to esmify the mod i want to edit first (so it recognizes it as master and doesnt duplicate everything) and when i edit my mod again, i have to esmify previous mod as master again (otherwise everything edited will be lost like what happend to me) The mod i wanted to edit is FortKnox and i dont wanted to simply edit the FortKnox.esp, cause when i break it i have to download the whole mod again and im able to publish it when it becomes something cause i create a new mod that simply uses FortKnox as Master Anyway, thanks all
  10. ok got u... i give it a try without esmifying...
  11. i scrolled through forums and read that i have to esmify the file i want to edit, so i can save my edit as new mod and the new mod realises that it need the other one as master 🤔 So when i make my edits on the file (File.esp) and save the edits as new file (editedFile.esp). Editedfile.esp will automaticly realizes that it requires File.esp as master?
  12. i posted it here cause it seems like the SE section is more about conflicts between LE and SE version and i think i made a general misstake here and nothing thats SE related i changed it only for editing so my mod recognizez the mod i want to edit as master, so it gets a "master-tag" (esm-tag) if i got it right cause from what i read when i edit a esp and save it as seperate mod it simply duplicates everything the problem is: when i save my mod after the first edit it works ingame but when i open my mod again in the CK for later edits all my previous stuff i added is gone, only the stuff i removed it still remains removed (like a wall in this case) but the things i added (another room) are gone... hope that helps more
  13. Hi, im probably not sure what i did wrong but maybe its just a dumb thing i havnet seen... Probelm: 2nd time i wanna edit my mod, all my added stuff is gone Here are my steps So i wanted to edit a mod which is an esp 1. i add a esm tag for the mod i want to edit and other requirements 2. i open the mod and its requiremnts via CK 3. I do my edits and save the mod as new one 4. i remove esm tag from said mods 5. i launch the game and everything i edited works => 6. i wanna edit my mod again 7. i add the esm tags for the parent mod again 8. i open my mods with its requiremnts in ck And here comes the problem: all my previous edits disappeared What have i done wrong? should i only use the esm-tags when creating the mod and not for later edits? (its skyrim SE if thats important)
  14. thanks a lot mr. pickles! but im messing around with creation kit a bit to make it look like an alien invasion together with breeding rooms and that creatures fit in there imo
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