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About This File

Secret Santuary v0.04

House mod for Oblivion by VexyRage




--------- Description ---------------------


This mod adds a hidden safe haven for the player character somewhere north-east of Chorrl (full spoiler at end of text).



--------- Requirements ---------------------

  • Oblivion.esm



--------- Installation ---------------------

  1. Drop Secret Sanctuary v0.04.esp into your Oblivion/Data folder, activate in mod manager.


--------- Features ---------------------


* Spell Making Alter


* Enchanting Alter


* Necromancer Alter


* Master Alchemy Set


* Containers for all your possessions


* A garbage for all your junk


* Space For Maniquins


* It is follower friendly


* Plus a couple of surprizes ;)




--------- SPOILER: Getting the key ---------------------



Finding the key! (heeheeheee :P ) The is located inside the Muddy Clams under the outreach of rock the entrance is on, things are always best hidden in plain sight ;). Once inside, behind the head of the bed is a trap door leading down into a small network of caves, they may seems a lil familar *chuckles*. Going down to its lowest area there is another trap door leading to a small maze-like network of catacombs. WARNING: So far NONE of the containers in the caves or catacombs are safe storage, however ALL inside the Main Sanctuary are safe storage, with the exception of the garbage barrel, thus designed to "destroy" unwanted/unneeded items.





--------- Permissions ---------------------

  • Feel free to use My mod in whatever you wish, just please remember to credit Me for the initail work, thanx. :)



--------- Credits ---------------------


Bethesda For An Awesome Game!

~ Vexy Rage

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