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YPTG -- "Your Path through Gender"


This is a straightforward modification of the Heart of Dibella and Book of Love quest chains from Vanilla Skyrim that adds a sex change to the plot for male characters. It's designed to be a way to integrate the Sex Change Curse from Sexlab Hormones with the game's story and to add some narrative flavor to both.


How to install:

 -> Install Sexlab Hormones (https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/416-sexlab-hormones-2017-12-22/) and all of its requirements. Make sure the Sex Change Curse is enabled in the MCM options.

 -> Install this mod. It shouldn't matter where it is in your load order as long as it comes after Sexlab Hormones and as long as nothing else that modifies the Heart of Dibella quest comes after it. The Book of Love quest is not modified and neither are any of the NPCs.


How to start:

 -> As a male character, talk to Degaine at the Silver-Blood Inn in Markarth about stealing the statue. Get caught in the inner sanctum and talk to Hamal. The Divines will take things from there.


Some tips:

 -> Whether you use this late or early in your game shouldn't matter, as long a you haven't started Heart of Dibella yet.

 -> If you've already started or completed Heart of Dibella, you can still see at least part of the mod. Trigger the Sex Change Curse manually through Sexlab Hormones, then type "setstage _yptg_hrt 110" in the console and follow the directions in the journal.

 -> The mod will be more interesting if you haven't finished Book of Love yet, but it should technically work either way.

 -> Not tested on Skyrim Special Edition, but in theory it should work wherever you can get its requirements working.

 -> As with all mods, keep a separate save.




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