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Lollot big naturals bodyslide presets. For cosio, cbbe and uunp bodies. 4.2

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About This File



Sharing my bodyslide presets with weightslider support primarily made for CosioHd body and converted for CBBE and UUNP bodies.  Huge versions for CosioHD and uunp hdt. Anime version for CosioHD.

Copy bodyslide preset to Bodyslide\SliderPresets folder, hdt file goes to SKSE/Plugins folder. 7z archive file contains multiple older CosioHd presets and new ones too.


-Update for CosioHD 4.2. Bit different shape and size(12.5.2019)

-Update for CosioHD 4.1. Smaller, perkier more natural breasts, otherwise quite same as 4.0 so pick one you like(1.3.2019)

-New version for CosioHD 4.0. Bigger rounder heavier breast, rounder butt, smoother pussy, all around tweaks. (20.2.2019)

-UNP 2.20 normal version for UUNP, UUNP HDT and UUNP Special and 3.0 version for CBBE and CBBE HDT(14.2.2019)



Recommended mods to use with:


Newest cosio body HD, i recommend leyenda skin 4.0 with it



All in one cosio setup with Leyenda skin textures and more (Haven't been updated in a while)




For more realistic heavy breast bounce and jiggle physics or use my preset



Areola overlays for Racemenu



Bikini armor to go with those big ones, remember to get cbbe bodyslide files too



I usually use Realvision enb with ELFX/CoT or Rudy enb with NLVA in my posted images and gifs.

For screenshooting i use "Screenshot hotkeys" mod and for video capturing OBS studio.

I personally use Cosiohd body in my gameplay and screenshots with basic 3.30 version of my bs preset and its best overall version for good looking physics and to avoid clipping.

Just to clarify word "lollot" is oldschool Finnish word for big heavy boobs, but "lol lot" is kinda fun too. :) 


Gif demos of above setup






How to use in Bodyslide:




1. Choose your body Cosio or CosioHD

2. Choose matching version of my preset

3. Click "Build" to build meshes for nude body

4. Tick "Build Morphs" and click "Batch Build", you propably want to keep all outfits checked, press build and choose output set #1 (Cosio/CosioHD) and ok. It will make clothes and armor match the body. You need to have specific bodyslide files for armors/clothing for this to work.


What's New in Version 4.2


-New boobs shape again for cosio

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