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About This File

This little  mod adds the decision to engage in charming heir making with either a wife, consort or lover - all together with naughty pictures suiting the occasion.


The mod’s function is to give a direct decision to engage in procreation, and thus not have have to wait for random generation, especially when an heir is desperately needed immediately! The pictures are nought but a bonus... The current odds are rather low (10 %), but you are able to spam the decision.

How to use:

You must play as a male, be an adult and not imprisoned, while the target of your desires must be either your wife, consort or lover.



Place in mod folder
Now 'check' the mod when starting the game. 


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On Steam:

Harem Kings
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On loverslab:

Harem Kings 

Kings of Slaves and Vices



Q: Where are the pictures from?
A: The pictures come from some of the cartoons by Ferres.

Q: Why are the pictures censored?

A: I've no excuse for that. Simply sorry.

Q: The mod doesn't work or has become outdated. Will you fix it.

A: I don't really know how to update a mod to new versions.



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