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SexoutClothingEval.esp 2013-01-06

About This File

This module was originally designed to be an MCM enabled user interface for the Sexout Check Me Out module. When you have this module installed, you can classify your equipped clothing (and armor and accessories) into categories which have been defined in Sexout Common Resources. So, this module may have future uses for content which has yet to be written. (If you are a modder: these categories have been implemented using Form Lists - one for each category, and this module adds/removes the base item associated with an equipped gear slot to/from those lists, and any sexout mod may check to see if a piece of gear is in one of those lists.)


Note that "ClothingEval" in the name of this plugin is a reference to functionality that I have not yet written (hypothetically, I think it would be nice if you could get a concise description of how your clothing makes you look). Also, note that this module provides almost no sexual content, by itself, other than suggestive names in some of your choices for classifying your gear - that said, the Fallout NV design for gear slots contained three slots with non-descriptive names and I have opted to give them names consistent with Sexout use patterns - you may find these names embarrassing or irritating if you are equipping non-Sexout specific gear in those locations.


For this module to be installed without error, you need to have Sexout and Sexout Common Resources installed. Additionally, to use this module, you will need to have activated The Mod Configuration Menu.esp (but if you installed Sexout properly, you should already have that).


Suspected issue: Sexout Pregnancy has been implemented using equivalent-gear-swapping and I do not believe I added any support for that, so if your character is pregnant you may want to reclassify your gear when your character's pregnancy advances.


Update: I have added a variant "SexoutClothingEval-SSR.zip" based on an esp provided to me by DoctaSax. Use this one if you are using SSR instead of Sexout Common Resources. Note that currently you cannot tell whether you have the SSR or SCR version of SexoutClothingEval.esp by looking at the file name - you will have to track where you got it from (Fallout Mod Manager can be helpful here).

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