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About This File

This mod add skimpy armor, which design was inspired by female Warrior's armor from Dragon Quest III.
Initially it was developed for my another mod, but I made a more "common" body-type conversion.
I'm still a amateur 3d modeler, so do not expect this work to be of high quality.
Also you may expect clipping in some poses or animations.


Armor set contains: 2 body armor wariants. 2 helmet wariants. Gloves. Boots. All these have light and heavy versions.
Only for females.




Body: UUNP\BodySlide
How to get: Create in any forge, under "steel" section.
Weight slider support: Yes.
--Light armor variant - like vanila Glass Armor.
--Heavy armor variant - like vanila Ebony Armor.




SKSE (for adapting the color of the wig in one of the helmet variants)
HDT Physics Extension
NetImmerse Override (standalone or as part of Racemenu) for boots high heels.


Credits and thanks:


HelloSanta (SG Hairs) - for under-helm wig.
ThisTimeIBeAGoodGirlSir - for screenshots.

Arthacs - for BodySlide data and retexture.

What's New in Version 1.1



Now with BodySlide support.

Some minor tweaks in .esp file (armor slots).

New retexture added (thanks to Arthacs)

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