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About This File

Made just for fun.
Inspired the Captured Dreams mod and book about the terrible Dwarven devices.




This is standalone mod and is not true Devious Devices. Only visual style.
I decided not to clutter the Skyrim world with another armor chest, so you can get armor through AddItem Menu or console:
xx - load order number
additem xx000D63 - Dwarven Devious Cuirass
additem xx000D69 - Dwarven Devious Helm (open)
additem xx000D6A - Dwarven Devious Helm (close)
additem xx000D6B - Dwarven Devious Mask1
additem xx000D6C - Dwarven Devious Mask2


Conditions similarly Dwemer Armour


1 Dwemer Centurion Dynamo Core
5 Steel Ingot
10 Dwemer Metal Ingot
4 Flawless Ruby


Helmet and mask:
1 Steel Ingot
2 Dwemer Metal Ingot
4 Flawless Ruby


I used CBBE HDT body as base and I have no desire to do on other types of body replacers. Nope. UUNP added. The mod includes all the necessary files with bodymorphs and there is no need to generate something in the Bodyslide. HDT? Only for ass. The breast is covered with a metal breastplate, it cannot jiggle :) Pregnancy support? No. This device is definitely not for this.


Bodyslide project is also included. You can do with it whatever you want.
Both archives contain the full version, because they have the same only esp-file and helmets models, it makes no sense to combine it into one fomod installer.
Some notes. Since the models of the arms and legs are not in the default position (T-pose), standard normal maps from Skyrim are not suitable for correct illumination, all because the skin is used object space normal maps. Therefore, texture sets are used new normal maps for the body when the armor is dressed. This must be consider if you suddenly decide to do replacer for anover body type.


You want to use this armor in the another mod?

You want to use this mod in your mod pack?
You want to change models or texture?




















Таможня дает добро.

Russian meme

I mean, I give you all permission for all actions.

What's New in Version 1.1a


  • Add UUNP bodyslide version.
  • Fixed generated files (UNPB preset).

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