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custom Body, Skin, Clothes and Armor for "all" Races 0.7

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About This File

Custom Body Skin Clothes and Armor for every Race


This mod will make (almost) all races have their own body, skin, clothes and armor. I'm doing this because I like to mix several different bodys, skins, clothes and armors.
The main goal is making all armors and clothes from Remodeled Armor work for all races. The Manekins, Dremora and Astrid Race will use the Default Race stuff.
Having said this and because there are no permissions for it, this mod probably will never be Unpack and Play, there is a fairly large amount of work to YOU make this playable, I will just try to explain how to install the best I can.


As a bonus I give to Manekins the DefaultRace female body and skin with one extra plugin to change the vanilla manekins to female.
Support for Flower Girls SE x, Animated Prostitution SE and SexLab Ligh SE StrapOns

You need these or these
I'm releasing only the folder structure with dummie files, replace them,
the 2 files outside the race folders are for "Default Race"
the SOS Strapon version works fine with FG, the FG take care of the erection
for SOS Strapon work on AP and SexLab, You need to console code 'SOSfasterect', search on SOS Lite mod the exact code
the other StrapOns may or may not work fine, I can confirm the canine version DO NOT work

It's planned to add also UUNP Remodeled Armor option to install


Khajiit Skin
Argonian Skin


CBBE or Your prefered BodySkin mod but I'll only explain 'how to' with CBBE
Remodeled Armor
and all the requirements of those mods


1 - For simplicity move your existing Meshes Textures and CalienteTools folder to some safe place
2 - Install CBBE
3 - Install this mod
4 - Copy both Hands mesh files to every race folder created by my mod,
You should have those files in "meshes\actors\character\character assets" folder, the race folders are inside this one.
4 - Install Your favorite Argonian and khajiit textures
5 - Go to "Textures\Actors\Character\" and from the female folder copy the needed files to all other folders (the other folders have dummies so you now what is needed).
The only folder that have 2 real textures is the Aflicted, those textures are vanilla because CBBE don't replace those, if You use other skin that have those textures You know what to do.
The Argonian and Khajiit skin mods don't have _sk.dds files so don't forget those.
6 - Install the Oldrim Bodyslide, for now You only need CBBE part.
7 - Install the TEXTURES and Bodyslide Shared and Bodyslide Replacement stuff from Remodeled Armor, DON'T install plugins.
8 - Install the SSE Bodyslide
9 - Open bodyslide, on 'Group Filter' select five same race files.
10 - Now, on presets, You should have only the preset for the race chosen on 'Group Filter', select it. If You don't like the shape of the body change it and save it, those presets serve only as examples.
11 - Now 'Batch Build' it.
Repeat from step 9 for all races.
Don't forget the Default Race, I didn't change any name here so it will be 'ct77 body' and so on.
12 - Install XPMSSE (I'm using TBBP).
13 - Move back the folders from first step and don't replace if asked.
14 - Activate plugin on Your prefered mod manager.
15 - (from 0.3.0) Install and activate USSEP before my mod.


I think I'm not missing any step
If You find some floating head or naked NPCs, also missing boots or gloves, please open console, click on that npc, type inv , and tell me what armor is causing that and if possible the race and or mod where that npc come from Please..


Patch for SOS Light Version with Tempered Skins for Males SSE
Patch for Schlongs Of Skyrim Light SE
(for both SOS patchs work right my mod have to be loaded after SOS mod)
Patch for Qaxe's Questorium for SSE
Patch fo Animated Prostitution StrapOn, see 'Extras' section above
Patch for Flower Girls StrapOn, see 'Extras' section above
Patch for Maids II
Patch for Amorous Adventures
Patch for SexLab Ligh SE
Patch for Immersive Wenches
Any mod that alter body, skin, clothes, armor and races.
Not exactly incompatibility but any mod that add new armor with vanilla armatures will have floating heads or naked bodys.


Older Updates:

Fixed some invisible armors
Party Clothes
Karliah's Armor
Vaermina Robes
Embelished Robes (yarl clothes1 var1)
Refined Tunic (yarl clothes1 var2)
Embroidered Garment (yarl clothes3 var1)
Guard's sleep clothes
Steel Armor B
Fine Clothes 01 variant
Fine Clothes 02 variant
Fur Armor 1
Fur Armor 2
Fur Armor 3
Elven Light Armor
Mage Adept Robes
Mage Apprentice Robes
Mage Master Robes
Mage College Robes Variant 1
Mage Mantled Robes Variant 1
Mage Mantled Robes Variant 2
Falmer Heavy Armor
Moth Priest Robes
Vampire Royal Armor
Falmer Hardened Armor
Ancient Falmer Cuirass
Patch for Qaxe's Questorium for SSE
Patch for Maids II
Fixed some invisible armors
Novice Robes
Expert Robes
Penitus Oculatus Armor
Forsworn Armor
Dark Brotherhood Clothes
Ancient Shrouded Armor
Worn Shrouded Armor
Thieves Guild Master's Armor
Thieves Guild Variant Armor
Linwe's Armor
Patch for Qaxe's Questorium for SSE
Fixed some invisible armors
Fixed Hoods not showing on groups in Bodyslide (you need to create this hoods in bodyslide for each race: ArchMage, RedGuard, Warlock, Monk, Mage and Necromancer hoods)
Mythic Dawn Robes
Necromancer Robes
Mage Brown Robes
Mage Grey Robes
Mage Red Robes
Mage Green Robes
Falmer Armor
Tsun's Armor
Solitude Guard's Armor
Wolf Armor
Fine Raiment (yarl clothes 03)
Fine Clothes 02
Shrouded Robes
Tavern Clothes (wench)
Mantled College Robes
College Robes
Added patch for Immersive Wenches
Patch for Qaxe's Questorium for SSE
Fixed some invisible armors
Nocturnal's Clothes
Wedding Dress
Mage Blue Robes
Ragged Trousers
Stormcloak Cuirass
Stormcloak Cuirass (sleeves)
Monk Robes
Added patch for Amorous Adventures
Added patch for Sexlab Light SE (see Extra section)
Patch for Qaxe's Questorium for SSE
Patch for AP Skyrim SE
Patch for Maids II
Fixed some invisible armors
Ulfric's Clothes
Mourner's Clothes (farmer clothes 01 variant)
Farmer Clothes 04 variant
Farmer Clothes 02 variant
Blades Armor
Ebony Mail
Shrouded Armor
Blacksmith's Apron
Blacksmith's Apron variant
General Tullius' Armor
Noble Clothes
Cicero's Clothes
Psiijic Robes
Thalmor Robes
Farmer Clothes 03 variant
Mage Robes variant
Fur Armor
Miner's Clothes variant
Hammerfell Garb
Arch-Mage's Robes
Miner's Clothes
Stormcloak Officer Armor
Fur-Trimmed Cloak (yarl clothes 02)
Fine Clothes 01
Added Patch for Maids II
from now on the USSEP is a requirement
Patch for Qaxe's Questorium for SSE
Patch for AP Skyrim SE
Hjaalmarch Guard's Armor
Winterhold Guard's Armor
Pale Guard's Armor
Farmer Clothes 03
Farmer Clothes 04
Thieves Guild Armor
Roughspun Tunic (prisoner clothes)
Savior's Hide
Merchant's Clothes
Merchant's Clothes variant
Nightingale Armor
Patch for Qaxe's Questorium for SSE
Fixed some invisible armors
Scaled Armor
Studded Armor
Scaled Horn Armor
Chef's Tunic
Belted Tunic (farmer clothes 01)
Farmer Clothes 02
Riften Guard's Armor
Black Mage Robes
Markarth Guard's Armor
Whiterun Guard's Armor
Falkreath Guard's Armor
Added patch for 'Schlongs Of Skyrim Light SE' (see "Patchs" section above)
Patch for 'SOS Light Version with Tempered Skins for Males SSE'
Patch for 'Qaxe's Questorium for SSE'
Fixed some invisible armors
Orcish Armor
Steel Plate Armor
Ebony Armor
DragonPlate Armor
Daedric Armor
Imperial Light Armor
Studded Imperial Armor
Emperor's Robes
Black Robes
Hooded Black Robes
Hooded Black Mage Robes
Farmer Clothes 03 Plus
Ancient Nord Armor
Dawnguard Armor
Ahzidal's Armor
Barkeeper's Clothes
Barkeeper's variant Clothes
Leather Armor
Added Bodyslide StrapOns support to FG and AP
Patch for Qaxe's Questorium for SSE
Added; Iron Armor
Banded Iron Armor
Elven Armor
Elven Gilded Armor
Hide Armor
Ragged Robes
Imperial Armor
Glass Armor
DragonScale Armor
Dwarven Armor
Steel Armor
Patch for Qaxe's Questorium for SSE
Body and Skin for the races that I will touch (Aflicted, Argonian, Breton, DarkElf, HighElf, Imperial, Khajiit, Nord, Old, Orc, RedGuard, WoodElf).





Ousnius and Caliente for Bodyslide and CBBE
ChronoTrigger77 for Remodeled Armor
All modders that add armors, clothes and custom skins
SSEEdit Team for xEdit
Developers for Game and Tools

What's New in Version 0.7


  • 0.7:
  • Added;
  • Ancient Falmer Cuirass (variant)
  • Ragged Trousers (bloody)
  • Dawnguard Heavy Armor 1
  • Dawnguard Heavy Armor 2
  • Dawnguard Armor 3
  • Dawnguard Armor 4
  • Dawnguard Armor 5
  • Vampire Gray Armor
  • Vampire Red Armor
  • Vampire Royal Armor (Valerica)
  • Vampire Robes
  • Vampire Gray Armor (variant)
  • Chitin Light Armor
  • Chitin Heavy Armor

Other Files from 0acme0