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Random Sex Mod for SexLab - 2016-09-17 20160917

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Random Sex 2.0 under development


Not Started -- In progress -- Completed
(Yes, I do work on this occasionally!!)


Figure out SKSE plugins.
Move configuration items used by evaluator to SKSE plugin.
SKSE save/load for configuration items.
Add minimum arousal for those using SexLab Aroused (soft dependency) - Added to current version of Random Sex.
Move some SexLab animation information to SKSE plugin for use by the evaluator.
Move potential NPC information to SKSE plugin for use by the evaluator.
Rewrite Random Sex evaluator entirely in C++
Adapt papyrus code to new evaluator.
Create Random Sex - The Spells :)




A spell has fallen over the denizens of Skyrim. From the priestess in the temple to the blacksmith at his forge. From the ice wolf in the frozen tundra to the draugr in the tombs. None are able to resist their carnal urges, now plunged into an orgy of sexual depravity that threatens to destroy the world. Some try to resist, but cannot. Heimskr, desperately preaching his sermons to Talos while being subdued by Ysolda. Lydia loving every second of it. Only the children appear to be immune to the effects.


This mod pairs random NPCs and Creatures together for sex using the SexLab framework.


Full credit goes to WaxenFigure for the concept and his original implementation as part of the Sex Addicts mod.




Version 20160817 requires SexLab 1.60 or above.


SkyUI MCM 4.1 or above
FNIS 5.1 or above + creature addon


I set up an MCM screen for my options as, quite honestly, it's a little hard to cast a configuration menu spell when Lydia is grinding one out on the player's face. When my mod is first loaded, it is switched off. You will need to go into the MCM menu and switch the mod on before you will see any action.


Each time the code loops, a victim is selected along with one or more attackers and zero to four masturbating onlookers. As of the latest version, the draugr and falmer gangbangs are working, but difficult to actually witness as the creatures are hostile. If you want to see these animations, I highly recommend adding the Fucktoy Critters mod to your set-up and spawning a few draugr or falmer to try this out. While there are no animations at present, this mod will detect and make use of any four or five NPC animations that are added to SexLab in the future (I have confirmed that the Zyn four-way animation is detected and used by this mod).


Creature percentage is evaluated before threesome percentage. If the creature percentage check is passed and no creatures are available, processing continues with the threesome check. If the threesome percentage check is passed and no threesomes are available, twosomes are evaluated. Checks can fail because of a lack of animation selections in either the SexLab or the Random Sex menus (or simply because there are not enough available participants), so check settings in both menus if expected participant combinations are not showing up.


Upon selecting participants, the sequence of events is this:


(1) Each attacker runs towards the victim.
(2) If this is a threesome, the first attacker to reach the victim follows the victim until the second attacker reaches the victim.
(3) The sex act is started.
(4) Any assigned masturbators now make their way to the sex act in progress.
(5) Upon reaching the sex act, masturbators start masturbating.


The time between each loop is fully adjustable by specifying minimum and maximum intervals between iterations. Up to 90 minutes can be set up between iterations of the loop, so you can happily explore Skyrim with only the occasional surprise, or you can set up a 10 second loop and get a major orgy going in Whiterun or Solitude!


Random Sex now comes with a distance slider that can be used to determine the radius around the player from which NPCs and creatures can be selected for sex acts. Minimum is 10 meters, maximum is 120 meters or a radius of approximately 2 in-game cells. At the minimum it is possible to stand between the gate guard and Adrianne at the WhiteRun blacksmith and get those two to go at it. At the maximum setting, the whole of Whiterun is at the mercy of this mod.




(Updating from version 20140620 or above)

  • Overwrite all files with the new version.

(Versions prior to 20140620)

  • Due to the changes around the evaluator script I recommend using this version with a new game or save that has never been used with Random Sex, or using Hadoram's excellent script cleaner program to remove any scripts whose names start with "SC07" from your save game before updating. I can personally vouch for the latter.
  • Otherwise the save -> remove mod -> reload -> save -> install mod method may or may not work. I have not tried doing this.

Update Logs

  • Significant changes to the evaluator with major optimizations for creature evaluation.
  • Random masturbator functionality added. These guys and girls will simply stop what they're doing and start rubbing one out.
  • Like other sex acts, random masturbators can attract masturbating onlookers.
  • Masturbating onlookers should face in the general direction of the sex act they are masturbating to.
  • Changed start-up code to stop actors walking away between the time they reach a victim and the sex act being started up.
  • Clean/Reset quest is now integrated into the MCM menu and can be run from the Options 2 page.
  • (06/21/2014) Russian translation updated for 20140620 - Thanks Huili for the quick turnaround!


  • Updated calm so that it is active when walking to the victim and while the sex act is in progress. Had enough of my other followers attacking creatures when all they wanted was a little lovin'. Calm after sex option should work as usual.
  • Found that running setDontMove(true) on the player was not a good idea. Fixed and reuploaded.


  • Fixed issue where female PC was not being recognized as female.
  • Fixed issue where Creature on PC sex was based on the NPC on PC percentage slider.
  • Reverted to SexLab startSex() call as Ashal has added the null check when obtaining a thread.
  • Added Chinese translation by 814424195.


  • Added follower options - these may not work with some standalone followers that don't use CurrentFollowerFaction.


  • Added isPlayerTeammate() check for followers, confirmed working with Vilja and Sophia. Thanks to chajapa for this suggestion.


  • Included Russian translation in 20141230, no longer a separate download.
  • Added version 20150414 for SexLab 1.60 Alpha.


  • New option on Options 2 screen to allow minimal arousal to be set. This is a "soft" dependency on SexLab Aroused - If SexLab Aroused is not installed, the option will not show up. Note that victims of sex acts are not included in the arousal check, anyone is eligible to be jumped on by horny NPCs and creatures! I know a number of people have been waiting for this, so have fun!


  • Noticed some weirdness with the group sex percentage and couple sex percentage sliders and their effect on the game (group sex acts were occurring far too frequently), these are now fixed.


For those using the Aggressor/Victim setting


By default, SexLab only has a few sex acts tagged under the aggressive setting. If you are using threesomes or masturbators make sure that the appropriate animations have been set up in SexLab under the aggressive setting otherwise no sex acts of those types will occur.


Load Order


Use BOSS or LOOT - this mod has finally found its way into the BOSS data files! Following reports from several people, it is also highly recommended that Random Sex is placed above all other SexLab mods in the load order.




As I intend for this to be a stable version (minor bug fixes excepted), feel free to translate and forward to me so that I can add them to the mod. Anyone providing translation files will be credited here. The translation files have been added as loose files to facilitate this, and no permission is required from me if you wish to provide a translated file.


The following languages are included in the mod:


Added: Chinese Translation by 814424195 (Updated to 20140620).
Added: French Translation by aravis7. Updated for 20160917 by Luveiny.
Added: German Translation by CGi.
Added: Italian Translation by RockMic.
Added: Russian Translation by Huili (Updated to 20141230 by mmakx).


Untranslated entries for new versions are added to the bottom of the translation files (in English) for the above languages. If anyone can take the time to translate those lines into their respective languages it would be greatly appreciated!

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