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Shinshi——LEWD vanilla armor replacer collection(UNP)

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About This File

First I would like to clarify that I did not make this mod, all the credits goes to the original author
(and the armor authors wherever he got it from)


So i was stumbling upon the Chinese mod site 3dm and I came across this gem


And by far I have seen, this is the Lewdest vanilla armor replacer yet, and I loved it


So I decided to upload it onto MEGA and....nothing more to say now is there?


The armors are from various collections by the author's words, he made bust changes and more revealing


The .zip file holds two esp, one is the replacer and the other is craftable standalone
I've translated the replacer one but the craftable one is only half translated (only armors are in english)
(gimme some time ill get it done)


-Skyrim whole pack (duh)
-Maximum Skeleton extended
-HDT physics
-HDT high heels system


The screenshots shown are the Shrouded, Thieves Guild and the Nocturnal Armor


For more screenshots go to the original post:






Man I really liked this replacer but as a CBBE user its really sucks for me, maybe if I hope hard enough someone would actually made it all into CBBE (plz ignore this)

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