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[Sims 4] Anarcis' Animations for WickedWhims v0.1.53

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About This File

This mod adds sex interactions to Turbodriver's Wicked Whims mod framework. It is an ongoing project which is expanded upon on a monthly basis.


I try to make animations that are specific to situations and objects, for use in story-driven scenarios. I would like to inject as much diversity as possibly, whether that means, straight, same-sex, group or roleplaying situations. I add new animations roughly every week exclusively on my Patreon. These are then added to LL later.


At the moment, these animations are available:







(more to follow)

  • I: Threesome
  • II: Foursome
  • III: Fivesome
  • IV: Sixsome
  • V: Sevensome


  • Floored, Roughly (harsh floor anal)
  • Rub One Out (Female masturbation, standing)
  • Rub One Out, Squat
  • Jack Off (revised)
  • Shut Him Up and Ride Him
  • Plowed by the Vampire
  • Roughed Up By Two (3P)
  • Ghostly Blowjob
  • Anal Nosferatu
  • Ride Him Till He Bursts
  • Held Abductee
  • man-Crusher
  • Vampire Fornicator
  • Mid-Air Spitroast
  • Roughed Up Anally

Motion Gaming Rig

  • Virtual Reality: Doggy Style


Mess Around (for single bed)
Originally meant as a visualisation of TS4's 'Mess Around' interaction. it's a sequence of clumsy but passionate sex. Updates are forthcoming.

  • Make Out
  • Fondle Him
  • Blow Him
  • Mount Him
  • Spoon Her
  • Scissor Her
  • Ride Him
  • Do Her Hard
  • Ejaculate On Her
  • Come Together
  • Afterglow (post-sex relaxation after Mess Around)

Double Bed

  • Gentle Cowgirl
  • Come Together
  • Lips on Lips


  • Raunchy Bar Dance

DJ Set

  • Raunchy DJ Dance

Yoga Mat

  • Lotus Inversion
  • Assess The Pose
  • Resting Petal
  • 'Just Easing Her Chakras'
  • Tantric Thigh Stroke
  • Tranquil Arch
  • Yoga Teacher Ethics Breach

Nude Artist's Model
Meant for an artist-model scenario. For now, there are just a few nude poses for the Ottoman, but I'm working on sex interactions that follow up from there.

  • Nude Model Pose 1
  • Nude Model Pose 2
  • Nude Model Pose 3

A dual handjob situation for three persons. At the moment just the one animation, will be expanded in future.

  • Dual Handjob Situation
  • Moment To Herself
  • Flick Your Bean

Pool Ladder

  • Lick her on the Ladder
  • A Quick Dip

Wall o' Lockers

  • Locker Room Hazing (2-6p)


  • Quicky in the Johns


  • Whack Off Alone


  • Lapdance 1 (for one)
  • Lapdance 1 (for two)
  • Lapdance 2 (for one)
  • Lapdance 2 (for two)

Massage Table

  • 'Special' Massage
  • Cascading Special
  • Regular Happy Ending
  • Skene's Gland Massage


Workout Machine

  • Extreme Throat Workout
  • Anal Pullups


Azmodan's Medium Pillory

  • Trapped, Wrong Way Up
  • Giddy Up Stud
  • Locked Up and Left Alone
  • Grip the Board

Patreon-Exclusive Animations
I will post these on LoversLab in time, but Patreon pledges gain early access. Animations are added roughly once a week. These will find their way to LL eventually.


In Development:
I have a ton of animations in various stages of development, so this list will mutate over time. If you want exclusive early access to these animations, look at my Patreon.






  • Make sure you have Turbrodriver's Wicked Whims installed.
  • Download either the .zip or .7zip version.
  • Use 7Zip or similar to unpack WW_Anarcis.7z.
  • Place the .package file in The Sims 4's mod folder.
  • You're done.


If you like my work and/or wish I had more time to spend on it, please consider having a look at my Patreon Page.

What's New in Version v0.1.53   See changelog


  • v0.1 - Initial version
  • v0.1.2 - Updated version (Blow Him, Fondle Him, Do Her Hard reworked)
  • v0.1.3 - Added a few Patreon-exclusives (Afterglow, Rub One Out, Orgy: Threesome, Floored Roughly)
  • v0.1.4 - Added Scissor Her, Lick her on the Ladder, Orgy 2: Foursome
  • v0.1.5 - Added patreon-exclusives (Rub one out Squat, Gentle Cowgirl, Shut Him Up And Ride Him)
  • v0.1.6 - Added patreon-exclusives (Locker Room Hazing, Orgy 2: Fivesome, 'Special' Massage, Lapdance 1 (for one), Lapdance 2 (for two), Jack Off (new))
  • v0.1.7 - Added Patreon-exclusives (Plowed by the Vampire, Roughed up by Two, Cascading Special, Virtual Reality: Doggy Style, Trapped Wrong Way Up, Giddy Up Stud, A Quick Dip, Quicky in the Johns)
  • v0.1.7.1 - Added additional WWIDs for Azmodan's Medium Pillory
  • v0.1.8 - Added Patreon-exclusives Ghostly Blowjob, Locked Up and Left Alone, Grip the Board and Orgy 4: Sixsome
  • v0.1.9 - Added Patreon-exclusives Ride Him Till He Bursts, Anal Nosferatu, Lapdance 2 (for one), Whack Off Alone
  • v0.1.10 - Added Patreon-exclusives Come Together, Extreme Throat Workout, Regular Happy Ending, Lapdance 2 (for two)
  • v0.1.11 - Added Patreon-exclusives Held Abductee, Inseminate The Slave, Man-Crusher, Moment To Herself, Vampire Fornicator
  • v0.1.12 - Added Patreon-exclusives Mid-Air Spitroast, Lips On Lips, Raunchy Bar Dance, Lotus Inversion, Assess The Pose, Tantric Thigh Stroke, Raunchy DJ Dance, Special Labia Treatment, Flick Your Bean, Hung Out to Dry, Resting Petal, 'Just easing her chakras', Orgy 5: Sevensome, Roughed Up Anally, Tranquil Arch, Yoga Teacher Ethics Breach
  • v0.1.13 - Added Patreon-exclusives Moon Salute, Teach With Your Mouth, Vampiric Cunnilingus, Skene's Gland Stimulus, Bathroom Semen Dumpster, Nosferatur Sperm Blast, Missionary Artist, Eaten By Vampires, Poty Mouth Flirtation, Anal Pullups, Grope the Bulge, Standing Cunnilingus, Gentle Bounce/Third Wheel, Bathory Boob Assault
  • v0.1.14 - Added Patreon-exclusives Lapdance 3 (for One and for Two), Nervous Fellatio, Look Her Over, Unholy Missionary, Boring Kitchen Sex, Sultry Polecat, Human Furniture, Backseat Rider, Harem Awaits Him, Her First Scissor
  • v01.15 - Added Patreon-exclusives Both Of Them In Her, Awkward Foreplay (+Third Wheel), Harem Stimulates Him, Missionary Sodomy, Submarine Blowjob, Sapphic Tangle, Share The Afterglow, Sssh! 1 - Just A Peek, The Groper, Harem Blows Him, Wild Undead Ride, Gentle Self-Love, Exhausted Humping, Mouthful of Balls, Shafted Vaginally
  • V01.16 - Added Patreon-exclusives Gang Bang Fondle, Anal Motion Machine, Clumsy Dancefloor Grinding, Handful of Pussy, Pull Me Pull You, Sneaky Hot Tub  Handjob, Double-Teamed Inbetween, Vampiric Bite, Rectal Rodeo, Tug Two Boys Off
  • V01.17 - Added Patreon-exclusives Surprise Insemination, Slowly Deeply Tenderly, Anal Assailant, Sit Down On Me, Knees and Ankles, led in Reverse, Sssh! 2 - Just a touch, Harem Sucks Him Off, A Quick Snack, Pussy Switch Hitter, Relaxed Threesome, Undead Ejaculate, Fondle Her Breasts, Her First Oral, Tugging In the Tub, Finger Her Good
  • v01.19 - Added Patreon-exclusives Make Her Come, Pop her Cherry, Passionate Screwing, Vampire Nightmare Orgy, Grower and a Shower, Intimate Lap Sitting, Anal Probe, Ever Heard of Knocking?, Harem Gives Him A Show
  • v01.20 - Added Patreon-exclusives Anal Missionary, Bath-Time Fingering, Use The Taps, Take Her From Behind, Anal Virgin, Scissor Sisters, She's A Performer, Lazy Morning Handjob, Just Watching, Sodomitic Thrust, Jerking Off
  • v01.21 - Added Patreon-exclusives Boring Kitchen Climax, Wild Cowgirl, Jump into Arms, Roughed Up By Two, Why Don't You Take Your Shirt Off?, Let's Take Five, First Base, Secret Suckoff, Crowded Gang Bang
  • v01.22 Added Patreon-exclusives Routine Pussy Checkup, Discreet Toilet Blowjob, Desirous Dicksucking, After Hours 'Drinks', Steamy Makeout, Hump The Pole, Take Bath Together, Harem Rides Him, "Don't Worry, You Can Take It", Pull Two On The Couch
  • v01.23 Added Patreon-exclusives Pillory Pile-Up, Terrific Trio, She's Been Waiting, Double Anal Divan, Distracted Handyman, Celebrity Screw/Firm Thrusting, Clumsy Teenage Sex, Cunning Linguist, Flirty Slow Dance, Look Him Over
  • v01.24 Added Patreon-exclusives Gentle Floor Screw, Sodomized in the Studio, Three-Way Makeout, Any Which Way Threeway, Nail Her, Shaft Teasing, Clumsy Seat Sex, Sneaky Closet Sex, Sims 3 Makeout, Forcible Fuck, Gentle Floor Climax, Double Divan Orgasms
  • v01.25 Added Patreon-exclusives Diabolical Dicksucking, Bathtime Hand Relief, First-Time Finger, Power Bottom, Four Boobs One Penis, Sexy Workout, Sixty-Nine-Three-Some, Finger For the Camera, Relaxed Fingering, Casual Threesome/Casual Twosome, Man-Bang, She Takes Seven Cocks, Table Thrusted
  • v01.26 - Added Patreon-exclusives Labial Licking (2P/3P), Anal Affair (4P), Vaginal Inspiration, Pleasurable Plow, Sinister Pussy Play, Showy Orgasm, Show Fingering, Fondle the Boobs, Jerking Anilingus, Lick the Clit, Oral gang Bang (8P), Cruciform Screw, Cramped Couch Threeway
  • v01.27 - added Patreon-exclusives Dual Hand Relief, Lesbian Labyrinth, Blasted from Below, Carnal Cowboy, Awkward Cowgirl, Caught! series, Sweltering Threesome, Milk Them, Tug Him Faster, Easy-Going Anal, Cozy Cocksucking, Cozy Climax, Screw One Grab The Other, Angry Anal Afternoon, Licking and Lovemaking
  • v01.28 - added Patreon-exclusives Strip-Off (6), Doting Hands, Sexy Seated Shafting, Harem Multi-Tasks, Assisted Sucking, Oral Team, Mount The Monster, Hornily Dryhumping, Entice Onto Bed, Night-Time Creeper
  • v01.29 - added Patreon-exclusives Harem Pile-up, Loveseat Triad, Oral Introduction, Forceful Fiddling, Hump the Pillow, Stimulating Sex, Locker Lovers, Harem Climax, Quick and Sneaky Public Sex, Softly Sucking
  • v01.30 - added Patreon-exclusives Thigh Support, Reverse Gang Bang, Blown from the Bed, Sssh! 3 - We have to be quiet, Three-Tongue Threesome, Coffin Fornicator, Desk Dicking, Anal Enthusiasts, Precipice Cowgirl, Backyard Blowjob.
  • v01.31 - added Patreon-exclusives Sack Sucker, Sapphic Prodding, Sssh! 4 - Furtive Fingering, Party Grind, Vampiric Pounding, Sssh! 4 - Hush-hush handjob, Sssh! 5 - Sly Cunnilingus, Widen Her Up/Widen Him Up, Swift Cowgirl, Spy in the Shower / Spies in the Shower, 
  • v01.32 added Patreon-exclusives Bedside Fingering, Bedside Handjob, Bedside Pussylicking, Squeezing Groping and Licking, Doggystyle Performance, Back Up Into Him, Center of Attention, Rub Up Against, Anal Manual, Ejaculate Inside Her, Occult Orgy Orgasm, Pounding Performance, Assisted Throatwork
  • v01.33 added Patreon-exclusives Licking Between her Thighs, back Alley Bang (6 variants), Twerk It, Smooth Amazon, Sports Massage, Jerkoff Climax + Comedown, Fingering Climax + Comedown, Reverse Oral Bang (8P), Doubly Penetrated, Bound to the Bed (6P)
  • v01.34 added Patreon-exclusives Standing Male Climax (4 variants!), Squirt on their Faces (again, 4 variations), Poolside Blowjob, Twerking Variations!, Fucked from Behind (MF) & Wild Anal Ride (MM), Vampire Seduction (2 animations), Cowgirl Climax 2P/3P/4P, Squirting Climax (2P/3P/4P), Anal Climax (2P/3P/4P), Three-Way make-Out
  • v01.35 added Patreon-exclusives Show Them The Ropes, 4x Bondage Idles, Shower Together, Heavy humping, Reacharound Anal, Bondage Taunting x4, Dancefloor Blowjob, Steamy Makeout, Bondage Cross handjob x2, Sexy Streaming, Friendly Frottage, Savage Amazon, Reposing Embrace 
  • v01.36 added Patreon-exclusives Bondage Rub Up (4 Variants!), Artfully Banged, Humped in Headlock (3P/4P), Full Body Massage, Drunken Flirt, Bondage: Cock Fondle & Pussy Fondle (4 variants), Camera Creep (M/F/X), Triple-Ended Gang Bang, Bondage: Hung and Touched, Comfortable Double Climax, Sexy Streaming: Frontal Fondle (M/F)
  • v01.37 added Patreon-exclusives Prison Wank, Bathtime Hump, Lick Him Out, Lick Him Out (M), Pull Both Boys, Divided Attentions, Scissoring Sapphics, Languid Threesome, Afterglow: Hand-Holding, Flaccid Fondle, Sexy Streaming: Masturbate on Stream x2, Sofa Scissoring, Bi-Bash, Festive Fuck, Caught Cocksucking, Hot and Heavy Kissing, Anal Humping
  • v01.38 added Patreon-exclusives Barstool Botherer, Blow Him Together, Standup Sodomy, Shower Sex, Bathtime Kiss, Pectoral Pummeling, Gang Bang Encounter, Seated Clit-Licking, Getting Fingered, Yoga Pelvic Pressure, Plush grind, Virgin Seduction, Carnal Quartet
  • v01.39 added Patreon-exclusives Penetrate Her, Seductive Prelude, Alien Inspection, Triple Lick, Cross Cunnilingus, Disco Dryhumping, Photogenic Missionary, Fiendish Foot Fondle, Vaginal Vampire Attack, Gang Bang Bukkake
  • v01.40 added Patreon-exclusives Sofa Sex Party, Sssh! 5 - Bold Blowjob, "How about a Happy Ending?", Virgin French Kiss, Caught Naked (16 variants), Virgin Breast Fondle, Splendid Scissoring, Sofa Sodomy, Feel Each Other Up, Bring Him To The Edge, Lapdance Thigh Grind, Anal Side Saddle, Licked Standing, Fucked Floorwise, Virgin Fondles Breasts/Chest, Crowded Shower
  • v01.41 added Patreon-exclusives Furiously Fingered, Anal Orgasm, Anal orgasm Aftermath, Climactic Cocksucking, Climactic Cumshot, Climactic Aftermath, Virgin First-Time Exposure, Kissing and Rutting, Fuck the Stuffing, Fondle-Fucking, Undress the Virgin, Hearty Blowjob, Intimate Fondlings, Examine her Boobs, Standup Scissors, Intimate Makeout, Semen Sample
  • v01.42 added Patreon-exclusives Superfan Boob Flash, Fingering Flash Tease, Nervous Handjob, Intense Doggystyle, Makeout Session, Intimate Spooning, Bedside Banging, Sneakily Touching, Triple Penetration, Vampiric Sperm Suck, Seven Minutes in Heaven, Acrobatic Oral Work, Semen Sample Climax
  • v01.43 added Patreon-exclusives Dining Chair Dickery, Pole Dancing, Searching Hands, Camping Tumble, Teenaged necking, Bedside Deep Throat, Teenaged Three-Way Necking, Rear pounding, Throat Fuck, Soapy Suckjob
  • v01.44 added Patreon-exclusives Group Grope / Bed Snog, Sensuous Slaps, Bathroom Bonked, Full Facial, Tight Threesome, Underwater Handjob, Vulnerable Position, Bedside Rimjob, Frat House Slave Train, Jacuzzi Canoodle (2P/3P/5P/6P)
  • v01.45 added Patreon-exclusives Photographic Climax/Blow Your Load, Tickling Her Ivories, Wrestled Over Orally, Jacuzzi Manual Orgy (12 variants!), Washroom Cumshot/Orgasm/Squirt, Lurid Lapdance, Oral Orgy (5 variants!), Double-Barreled Blowjob, Double-Barreled Blowjob, Caught Couple (4 variants!)
  • v01.46 added Patreon-exclusives Acrobatic Anilingus, Aggro Amazon, Tantric Sex, Handjob on the Side, Phone Sex, Massive Dildo Misgivings, Fingered Together, Double Dildo Date, Phone Sex (for males), Wine Bottle Action
  • v01.47 added Patreon-exclusives Slamming Sodomy, Lurid kissing, "This was a mistake." Afterglow, Jacuzzi Pussy Buffet (5 variants!), Jacuzzi Blowjob Buffet / Oral Orgy, Paparazzo Creep (5 variants!), Lurid Lapdance 2, Double Dildo: Ass to Ass, Pearl Necklace,  "Is that a banana in your pocket, or...?", Poolside/Tabletop Cowgirl, Furious Footrubs
  • v01.48 Added Patreon-exclusives Poolside Tonguing, Public Masturbation (4 variants!), Spread 'Em Stripsearch, Poolside Cunnilingus, Lounge Lovers (2 variants), Poolside Pounding (2 variants), Fine Self-Fisting, Eiffel Tower (MMF/MMM), Warm Afterglow (2 variants), Candid Snap
  • v01.49 Added Patreon-exclusives Offer Behind, Wank Party / Wank Friends, Oral Threesome Snuggle, Deep Breath Cunnilingus, Beach Creeps (9 variants!), Oral Orgy II (8 variants), Lurid Lapdance 3, Hot Tub Humping (5 variants!), Toilet Seat Tapping, Ornate Oraljob
  • v01.50 Added Patreon-exclusives Penis Checkup, Semen Swapping, Let Her Do The Work, Couch Bonk, Dick on Dick, Seated Suckoff, Savage Seat Fuck, Paint The Muse, First Course Fingering, Ordered To Service
  • v01.51 added Patreon-exclusives Finger the Virgin, Exquisite Amazon, Drunk handjob, Jerk the Virgin, Boisterous Boob-Squeezing, Alternating Blowjob, Finger Her Faster, Furious Fist-Fucking, Vampiric Vaginal
  • v01.52 added Patreon exclusives DJ Groupies (2 variants), Lurid Lapdance 4, Sexy Spellcraft: Nudify!, Vampire Amazon, Cunnilingual Climax, Sexy Stroking, Jerk Him Faster, Alien Research (2P/3P/4P), Vampire Sodomy
  • v01.53 added Patreon-exclusives Vampire Scissoring, Intimate Floor Fucking, Fingered in the Bath, Alien Anal probe, Shower Sodomy, Vaginal treatment, Make him work for it, Ghostly grope, Lap-thrusting, Cuckold kiss

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