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  1. https://anarcis.itch.io/full-of-seamen https://www.patreon.com/anarcis Hello LoversLab friends! Some of you may know me from the Sims animation mod I've been posting here for the past few years. I've spent the past half year working on a little side-project - the erotic, chapter-based adventure game Full of Seamen. In this visual novel/adventure game hybrid, you play as either a man or a woman aboard an exclusive cruise headed for a secret and sinister destination. It's up to you to untangle the mystery of the Poseidon and its oddball crew - that is, if you can ma
  2. Hi there! I'm really not sure - although I've made a ton of animations I know very little of the internal workings of TS4. You could search for some simulation lag fix mods, there should be some around!
  3. Happy new year, LL folk! Hope it's a good one, for everyone! To start us off, have a new free update! All of these animations were of course exclusive to my Patreon - if you want more with multiple updates per weeks, do have a look over there! Here's what's new: Lounger Humping MF Vagainal for Lounge Chairs Upstairs and Downstairs MF Vaginal interaction for most chairs and sofas Kitchen Rumpus MF/MM Anal interaction for kitchen (or bar) counters! Flesh Market a sort of transactional/slave au
  4. LL friends, wishing you a good winter solstice and happy holidays, have a free update while you're at it! These animations were previously exclusive to my Patreon - if you like what I do and want a lot more of it, multiple times per week, have a look! Here's what's new: Spied on During Sex MFF/MMF Vaginal interaction for Double Beds where two Sims are doing it while a third sneakily sees everything from the side. whether this is a shocking revelation or some weird cuckolding game is entirely up to your Sims. Kissing and Fingering tender
  5. No, that's just how it shows up! Aren't there any in-game color variants you could try?
  6. Hello there again, Loverslab! It's time for a new free Update! All here previously only available on my Patreon - if you like what you see and want more, go and have a look! For now, though, here's what's new: Alien Dick Abduction MF(alien) Vaginal interaction for Floors, featuring some telekinetic vaginal ufo technology and a confused abductee. Cherry Pop Livestream 4P Vaginal interaction for Sofas and Loveseats making liberal use of camera phones. Keyed for MMMF, MMFF and MFFF Coffin Masturbator F Handjob for Co
  7. Those made before the loops were introduced generally run a length of 100 units, while those using loops generally run 50. All quite long, as they're all meant to loop indefinitely until the player chooses the next one.
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