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  1. Friends, it's time for a new free update. As per protocol, all these animations were previously exclusive to my patreon, now free for all. If you like what you see and want mroe of it, multiple updates per week, plus access to my sex comics and erotic video game Full of Seamen, have a look over there! Here's what's new: Dry Cycle F Vaginal interaction for Washing Machines! Phone Interruption I wanted to do something funny with some story potential, so this MF Vaginal interaction for Single and Double Beds, features two Sims doing it, w
  2. Loverslab compatriots, it's time for a new free update! You know the drill - these animations come from my exclusive Patreon, where you can find loads more and multiple updates per week! If you like what you see here, do have a look there. Until then, here's what's new on here: Just Desserts MM/MF Anal for Dining Tables Mutual Flicks dedicated FF Handjob for Floors Mutual Strokes MM Handjob for Floors Too Much Punch! M Vaginal interaction for christmas trees, although it can also be used by
  3. Hello there Loverslab - I',m backl, with a quick new Free update! All of these animations come from my exclusive Patreon package - if you want more of it, and multiple updates per week (as well access to my erotic comics and pornographic video game) have a look over there! That said, here's what's new on here: Free drinks! utility animation, something that can be used in any sort of bar situation, not just for lifting free drinks from bartenders. it's an MF/MM Oraljob for Bars! Superheroics a rather extreme MF Vaginal animation for Floo
  4. Many of you will have seen it in my signature already, but I've been working on an erotic adventure game called Full of Seamen for the past half year or so in addition to my Sims work. It's a blend of sent-up porn tropes and weird nautical horror, wrapped in a sexy detective mystery. It's on my Patreon now, and you can try the free demo over on my Itch.io!
  5. Great to hear - there's more stuff like that underway!
  6. I've experimented with vehicle animations before, but they don't function well in WW as of this moment, as far as I know!
  7. Hello there Loverslab, time for a new free update! As with all my animations, these used to be exclusive to my Patreon - if you want multiple updates per week plus access to my sexy comics and erotic adventure game, have a look over there! For now, here's what's new on here: Desk Dykes FF Handjob animation for Desk Reading, interrupted MF/MM Teasing scene for most seating surfaces! Olympian Orgy II: Gunshow Handjob Handjob for Workout Machines, keyed for MMMM, MMMF, MMFF, and MFFF. Toiletry Tease
  8. It's in the package, just download and install ww_anarcis.package!
  9. Sorry to get back to you all so late on this. I've had a rummage around the code and really can't find the fault there. I also can't replicate the fault in-game, see enclosed screenshot. Now, the effects scripting can be a bit spotty in TS4, I've had problems with not getting effects to work in the past, but this doesn't seem to be one of them. All I can offer is the same old boring routine of 'maybe a conflicting mod?'. Otherwise, beats me!
  10. Hi! Currently on the move so can't look up the name right name (happens when you pass 1000+) but you'll find this animation under the Teasing category for showers!
  11. You're very welcome, there's more stages to that coming later!
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