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16/09/2017 SKSE64 (alpha) and ECE 1.5 for Skyrim SE are now released.


I advise removing R246 Female Presets or R246 Concept prior to installing ECE.


A small plugin that changes Human female presets to have faces from my old RaceMenu slot files, not exact replicas, but improved, or perhaps botched. There are no hard requirements for this mod. The only soft requirement is that you use better female skin textures than vanilla SE.


V1.5 has presets added to all Human Races: 4 Breton, 4 Imperial, 5 Nord and 5 Redguard.


V1.5 and USSEP. Those armed with SSEEdit might have noticed a warning that R246 Female Presets.esp overides USSEP's TINL (Tints IN List) value for Imperial and Redguard races. This is perfectly fine. USSEP adds stuff to Imperial and Redguard races, R246 carries applicable USSEP race changes forward and thus has no actual conflict with USSEP and doesn't need patching to be compatible.


Original version is still available as v0.91 (only adds 4 Nord presets, no custom tints or hair colours). Use one or the other, not both!


For updated images please see the Support topic.


To Install:
Remove older versions first.
Install "as is" with Nexus Mod Manager using "Add mod from file".
With other mod managers install as you would any archived mod.


Known Issues:

Changing mouth / eye / nose type might
a. break the geometry of the face entirely
b. not be able to use sliders to get back original face part


pick another preset then pick the one you want, this should reset the face


Using showracemenu console command removes makeup
Reapply makeup or reset the face.


One of Jaw sliders (Jaw Forward iirc) in the Face section can be used to modify nose width
It's a quirk of using ECE tri's. Having nose width control is something I wish vanilla had!


Eye Depth slider now instead rotates eye angle
As above, a quirk. Think of it as a "feature" rather than an "issue" :ph34r:




Use console command to stop animations (when done adjusting face, simply jump to start animations again)

player.sae idlestaticposeastart



Archive contents:

R246 Female Presets.esp
ece 0.86 tri (won't work without these, might look strange with older or newer ece variants



Mods used in screenshots:

Rudy ENB for ELFX and CoT
Nyclix ENB and Reshade
Fair Skin 8.1
Pure Skin
KS Hairdos
The Eyes of Beauty
UNP by Dimon
Tiwa44 Minidresses
Rustic Clothing SE
Alternate Start - Live Another Life



tktk1 for ECE 0.86 tri

What's New in Version 1.51


  • 1.51 Seemingly forgot Imperial tints and hair colours. Now corrected.
  • 1.5 Adds 4 Imperial and 5 Redguard presets. Additional 2 Breton presets.
  • 1.4 Added custom tints and hair colours to Breton Female
  • 1.2 Added Breton 1 and 2, copies from Nords. Updated Nord 5.
  • 1.1 Fixed a conflict with Dawnguard. Tweaked some faces.
  • V1.0 Hair colours added to Nord Race: red, green, blue, dark red, dark green, dark blue
  • Eye shadow tints added to Nord Race: dark purple, lush green, pale blue
  • A few tweaks here and there, especially to preset 3. See new pic. Presets 5 and 6 added, they need a lot of tweaking to make into anything as they are though.