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  1. I have JMap.pex, install date Feb 24 2018, same as the install date for JContainers 4.0.1 which was the only mod I installed that day.
  2. Random pics from the past month
  3. Remove hudextension.dll from SKSE\Plugins If using RaceMenu Alpha and HUD mods are crashing, the above file is the likely cause.
  4. Tri don't need converting. If you're crashing, it's more likely the meshes or textures.
  5. The neck crashing through the skull is a NifSkope display issue, not an optimizer issue.
  6. Registering is not enough, you need to post in the threads for the hidden links to show up. The framework is the only file that isn't hidden.
  7. http://www.9damao.com/thread-61877-1-1.html You're probably missing hdtSSEFramework ^ Both 64bit hdt mods require that framework. edit, just in case hdtSSEPhysics http://www.9damao.com/thread-61878-1-1.html hdtSSEHighHeels http://www.9damao.com/thread-39231-1-1.html
  8. HDT SMP for SSE?

    Nope, you have to post on that page to reveal the hidden link.
  9. HDT SMP for SSE?

    You check in SSEEdit in 10 seconds rather than waiting a lifetime for CK to load Or use Add Item Menu 2.
  10. HDT SMP for SSE?

    1_5_23 is the game version. We're going off the the thread title which gives the date the file was updated, and also the Update Log ( 更新日志 ).
  11. HDT SMP for SSE?

    HDT-SMP SSE updated 20/02/18 http://www.9damao.com/thread-61878-1-1.html Update Notes https://translate.google.com/#auto/en/针对物理花瓣的优化
  12. Concentrate! Credits: darrenstone for Terremia Follower https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/89614 (literally perfect head shape, eyes, and nose) (I spent 10 minutes converting her head sculpt to RM preset, and giving her a subjectively prettier mouth and objectively much louder makeup!)
  13. Sweaty! If only the speculars worked properly >.< If I rotate her 180 degrees to face the bright torch (50x brighter than the candle that's lighting the speculars!!!!!) the speculars will go dark!??!?? Bravo Bethesda. Face taken from Mona Follower (see sig) Diffuse: Demoniac SG ... Normals and SubSurface: FairSkin 9 ... Speculars: Graphene Block 30 Sweaty (UNP only afaik) ... Tintmasks: thePure Body: UUNP HDT 50% 7B Cleavage 50% UNPB Oppai 3.2
  14. HDT SMP for SSE?

    HDT-SMP SSE updated 29/01/2018 http://www.9damao.com/thread-61878-1-1.html "Fix a bug with an abnormal jitter in a constraint group"
  15. HDT SMP for SSE?

    Don't really need to pretend SMP works fine with UUNP HDT / Special.