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[Sims 4] Lunar Eclipse NEW HD Penis Model Hard and Soft ver. Update(WickedWhims Compatible) Ver 2.5[05/19/2017]

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About This File





Hello! First time uploading here! :) I originally made this model for personal use, but I thought if I didn't bother sharing it with the community it would be a bit of a dick move(terrible pun totally intended).


I created this to be compatible with the sex animations in WickedWhims. So it should be added in the recent new update.


**I have also added a .rar file that contains all .ms3d LoD files with the penis model still separated from the sim bottom in case anyone wants to use my model for their own game mods. This version is of the untextured mapped high poly model only right now!Download this file only for creation purpose, as it's pointless otherwise.**




Quick UPDATE [05/19/2017]:
-Fixed the problem with Skins no longer working/loading properly with new update.


Currently I'm just maintaining this mod to make sure it's still working correctly (showing in-game/not causing crashes etc.) I'm not adding or improving anything for it right now. I am coming back to working more on this in the future. This year has been rough as well as busy. :/




UPDATE [01/27/2017]:


-Added the tattoo texture version for the Vampire skins.
-Fixed the problem with the Alien skinset. Alien skins should work fine now.


I fixed the problem with the vampires not having access to the standard skin tones in CAS. I actually didn't even know they were supposed to until I was told since I never ran the Vampire EP without my defaults installed... which is funny, but crappy at the same time, since I didn't realize there was even a problem initially. Whoops. But yea, the skins are fixed finally. Sorry about that!




Package/Model Information:


-Adjusted penis rigging to: "b__Pelvis__", "b__L_ThighTwist__", "b__R_ThighTwist__" for a slightly more organic look in animations.
-Penis Texture is remapped to the extra parts "pants/lowerbody" region. It should not conflict with any outfits or accessories.


Polygon Counts:


Texture Version(polycount will vary slightly depending on body frame):


Lod_0: 5604
Lod_1: 5604
Lod_2: 5604
Lod_3: 5604




Download Instructions:
Defaults here will not work unless you have Sims 4 updated for the latest patch!
12/1/2016 – PC Version / Mac Version


For Main Updated Models Download:
This .rar contains the updated models for all sims, both frames.
**LunarEclipse-MFBottoms[HDSoftPenis]_Defaults.package IS A DEFAULT NUDE OVERRIDE!**
-Make sure if you have any nude defaults installed, uninstall those first before using mine!


-This file contains two different versions of the main files. One in a folder called "001FMaleFrame Penis" another in a folder called "001FMaleFrame Vag".
-They are nearly identical and will override one another.


-The second folder "001FMaleFrame Vag" contains a version that keeps "Females with Male Frame" without a penis by default. It is experimental right now as I am not sure how it works with WickedWhims. If in doubt, just use the FIRST File in the folder "001FMaleFrame Penis" which will simply keep the penis on all male frame Sims!


-The Packages are now split into CAS Only and Default. Override any old Soft default package with this new one if you decide to Install this update!
-Wicked Whims Requires the Soft CAS version to work properly.


-The Third folder(002Hard Model) contains the Hard CAS Model.


-The Fourth folder(003FFrame Accessory) contains the optional tattoo version model file for female sims in female frame. These last files are optional.


**Important: You NO LONGER Use any of Cmar's bottom default files with mine!*
However, for female nipples and details to show, you still require a female top with nipples and female skin details!


For the Female Nipples download one of Cmar's tops:


For the Female Skin Details download Cmar's Female EADetails skin v2:


Installing the Texture Files:
Then for default EAskins (with penis mapping added) download:


-Contains default basegame skins and overlays. Female also required for female frame penis.


-For the Alien Skin Overrides Download this file as well!


If you DON'T want to install the defaults, use this file:
-For the textures as tattoos. UPDATED 01/027/2017


**Use the tattoo texture if you do not want to install the default skins. The tattoo textures will work with most all custom skin tones!
-Just Remember if you don't use my default skins to equip any sims using the penis model with the appropriate tattoo texture or the penis model will show up black!!




Female Frame(003FFrame Accessory)Instructions:
Because the female frame penis is not a nude default, but an accessory, I had to experiment a bit to make it show up on nude female sims. For it to work, follow the instructions below. These files should not be required if you use WickedWhims.


-When creating a female sim you want to add a penis to, you will need to equip the nude model. You will find it in the tattoo section. It is binned as left leg tattoo!




-Afterwards, the model will show on every outfit! To fix this, use the "Hide accessory" found in the accessory tab. It's binned as brow ring.
-Apply the hide accessory to all outfits.


-If you would like to show the penis on an outfit, do not remove the "hide accessory" and instead use one of the CAS bottoms (hard or soft) found in the sleepwear section! This is just to ensure that sims won't suddenly get changed into an outfit without the "hide accessory" equipped, which will look weird!


-Because this mod uses an accessory to hide the penis, it is possible that some situations might cause the penis to show if the game forces the "hide accessory" to become unequipped! Hopefully that is not a common issue.


For use with WickedWhims:
Wicked whims does have a female penis option for "pee while standing", now changed to "does your sim have a penis". If you use the newest WW update you should not require the accessory. If you prefer to use my accessory instead for some reason, you may need to set your female to "pee while sitting"(not standing) and disable "auto undress" and "Full auto undress" in Wicked Whims. Switch them into their "hard" outfit manually for sex interactions. My accessories do not require WickedWhims to work and can be used on their own.




KNOWN ISSUES Please read:


-Because of the current lack of a decent morph to move the penis on the frame, I had to create an extra file in the defaults.
It's not noticeable unless you dress a female framed male sim fully naked and switch to standard male also naked. If you do this the wrong penis height will show briefly until you change outfits, then it's gone. It shouldn't show in-gameplay at all.




For use with WickedWhims: All versions of my model except Female frame!


-Go into WickedWhims settings in-game and disable "auto undress" and "auto full undress" then just equip the nude penis as the current outfit. With the newer WickedWhims update you won't need to do this any longer.


**Only Download LunarEclipse-HDhardPenisModel[sims4]_MS3DFilesUNGROUPED.rar if you want to create your own mods using my model files! This is old super high poly model only ATM**




TUTORIAL for Custom Skins
Uploaded as: Eclipse-Tutorial_and_PenisTexturesForCCOverlays.rar


-Contains Step-by-step Instructions on how to add the HD Penis Model to your favourite Custom Content Default Skin Overlays.
-It is a very in-depth .HTML document with Images. It should help out most people that are somewhat new to photo editors and other required programs.
-Contains the extracted penis textures and Alphas to make things easier in two different resolutions.
-Unfortunately the Tutorial only Covers Photoshop, and you do require the Nvidia .dds plugins (all links in the Tut).
-If people prefer to use "GIMP 2" you can do everything in that program as well (with the .DDS plugin for Gimp 2), but I don't often use Gimp, so I only covered the Steps via Photoshop. It still should be somewhat helpful!




Future Updates:


-Eventually going to create optional larger model option
-Eventually going to create pubic hair option




Penis model/textures by Lunar Eclipse/Lunaris Eclipse.




Sim CC Model Credits:
Most of all my model CC can be found at the following links:


Leah Lillith at TSR




Special Thanks:


Cmar for all the amazing work done on TS4 CAS/Mesh Tools<3.
TURBODRIVER for all the fantastic work on WickedWhims!



What's New in Version Ver 2.5[05/19/2017]


  • [11/30/2016] Alternate Texture version Added!
  • [11/30/2016] Added Alien Skin Texture Pack!
  • [12/02/2016]Recreated all textures as default skintone overrides. Base Game and Alien Completed.
  • [12/08/2016]Added Soft Version nude default model.
  • -Added Female with Male Frame Version.
  • -Added Female with Female Frame Version.
  • [12/15/2016]
  • -Fixed gender and frame issues for male with female frame.
  • -Fixed female frame animations to match wicked whims animation
  • [12/21/2016] -Uploaded a new version that should now be compatible with the newest WickedWhims update.
  • -Cleaned Up all defaults into one main Package.
  • [12/22/2016] -Added male bum detail to default male skin overlays.
  • [01/04/2017] -Split the Main files into two separate Default and CAS Only Packages.
  • -Fixed some issues with the tattoo texture Sort Layers.
  • -Added an in-depth Tutorial with textures included to show people how to edit their personal CC skin overlays to work with the Penis Model.
  • [01/17/2017]-Fixed problem with CAS hard model causing the nude bottom default to mysteriously vanish after newest update.
  • [01/19/2017]-Added Vampire Skintone Default Overrides.
  • [01/27/2017]-Added Vampire Skintone tattoo files
  • -Fixed Alien Skins
  • [02/11/2017]-Fixed Issue with Vampires not having access to standard skin colours in CAS.
  • [05/19/2017] -Fixed Skintones no longer working after new game update.

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